Peanut Blake - 2011-11-20

1. 支持Carlos Ruiz 和 Low Heng Sin 等真正的贡献者回到ADempiere项目。
2. 同时对现任的CC小组和PMC小组投不信任票,要求他们离职并将职位交还Red1,以便进行和平过渡。

另外,建议大家目前暂时不要跟随ADempiere 3.7版本,建议采用Carlos Ruiz目前在维护的分支。
基于Carlos Ruiz一直以来的品格,我认为采用Carlos Ruiz的分支会更保险一些。


  To support Carlos Ruiz and others such as Low Heng Sin continuing contribution to the ADempiere project and the restoration of stable code with full credit contributed by them please vote as you think about it (remember this is also call of vote of no confidence to the present CC/PMC and they should resign and leave it back to me to conduct a peaceful transition) and i am not forcing this as the freedom to choose is entirely at your hands, not mine, and mine has written for myself, a single voice/vote. I am just appealing for the continuation of the best game in town):