Server Sizing for 20-25 concurrent users

  • vincent

    vincent - 2007-04-16

    Hi all,
    I am helping our client on their production server sizing.
    They are a retail-chain and intend to use Adempiere for :
    - financials, procurement, order mgmt, inventory control, supplier and pdt mgmt.
    - currently they have about 300-400 SKUs.
    - we are estimating that they will have a max of 20-25 concurrent users at their Head Office for the various functions.
    - their retail stores (numbering by the hundreds) is likely to be on a disconnected model where they will transfer inventory update and replenishment order on a daily basis.

    can anyone advice me on :
    i) What is an appropriate server sizing (CPU, RAM, HDD)
    ii) Whether Postgres is able to handle this scale...or do we need Oracle ?
    iii) anyone out there has implemented Adempiere/Compiere for a similarly sized OR Larger installation ?

    thanks !

    • Suresh

      Suresh - 2007-04-16

      Hi Vincent,

      For this you could use a minial server specs, such as

      CPU -> Intel Duo Core 1.5 G above
      RAM -> 2G
      HDD -> 2 x 160G

      Postgres can definetly handle this load , should not be any problems


    • fredtsang

      fredtsang - 2007-04-16

      Hi Vincent,

      Let me give you our setting that we are using currently, in one retail store.

      We use oracle XE, as the database for the retail store. It's free you are completely compliant legally, it consumes less memory than Oracle, and it is faster.

      The server act as the client also. It's a 2.4 GHZ P4. with 1.5 GB Memory. You could do with 1 GB but the extra 500MB is really worth it. The computer in that movie was using this setting, so I think it is fast enough.

      Concerning the server back end, I am more familiar with Oracle and has little experience in production with Posgresql. So I don't know. So I can not advise on the server back end. However 20-25 users is not a lot, so in terms of scalability I will think that both will do. Just in terms of stability am a little worried. May be someone else can comment.


      Frederick Tsang

    • vincent

      vincent - 2007-04-16

      Hi all,
      thanks for the input.
      I think a cost effective and risk managed option could be :

      a) Head Office backend server with 1 Dual Core, 2 GB Ram and sufficient HDD (HDD are cheap now).
      b) HO server uses Oracle DB (10g ?) for proven stability.
      c) At each of the retail stores, the PCs will run Adempiere with Oracle XE
      d) On a daily basis, batch file transfer between each retail stores and HO server for inventory info, replenishment order, price updates, pdt code updates etc. (i hesistate to say replication)

      For (c), any idea what is the MINIMUM config required ?

    • Redhuan D. Oon

      Redhuan D. Oon - 2007-04-16

      Today's standard PC should do for (c). Since there are hundreds of users but 25 concurrent users, u need server redundancy at the HO. And you should distribute your HO server setup to a web server, an apps server and the DB server for added performance and security. It all depends on the SLA needed by the client. Is it mission critical for the HO to be down let's say some hours once in a while?

    • vincent

      vincent - 2007-04-16

      Hi red1,
      yes.  will look at redundancy + splitting into the 3 separate layers.
      as for the SLA...lets say that some downtime is tolerable as there will need to be manual workarounds anyway.

      One final question ... anyone ever tried using CITRIX for remote branches to use a central HO data centre ?
      if yes, what is the config of the CITRIX server required ?

  • Chaiwat Rujimethabhas

    By my opinion, duo core (2 cpus), 4GB ram, 73GB HDD x 5 (raid-5)

  • Shiju01

    Shiju01 - 2009-11-14

    We have our Server IBM 5130@2Gz with 2GB Ram 73GBx5 Raid HDD running from data centre on citrix

  • Bill Gallagher

    Bill Gallagher - 2009-11-14

    We do a lot of business with large retailers via EDI from our Adempiere install and I would be interested to hear more and collaborate with you and your client. We had bad luck with postgres and are using XE now. Our server is win2003SB and most of our clients are mac based.

    You might consider having the stores access Adempiere in home office via web ajax interface. Batch imports and updates seem awfully twitchy and unstable in Adempiere. We have an outbound link to our web store that is done to our webserver via a daily odbc read of some custom table with product and customer information.

    One big thing to consider for a retailer is item setup. Retailers will always be adding new items and changing item information and this needs some streamlining. Item setup and editing in Adempiere is VERY time consuming. You should consider some customization of the process or interface. We are now trying to do this via import of flat file data from spreadsheets but it's touchy and not yet stable after some weeks of work.

    Order entry and customer setup in base system is also cumbersome for retailer, so I'm guessing that you are using pos or your own pos interface.

    I won't go on about accounting and procurement process and interface but there's lots of work to do to create a productive and efficient work flow. We are still deep in this area after 2 years of using our system.

    We are very interested in working on these problems with others.



    ADAXA - 2009-11-15

    Hi Vincent

    there is a production configuration described here.

    It would be helpful if others could expand the info in the wiki on this topic.  The system is live and Postgres seems to be working fine.


  • Colin Rooney

    Colin Rooney - 2009-11-16

    What puzzles me is … why are people answering a 2 year old hardware question?

    @ Bill re: We had bad luck with postgres
    What problems did you have with postgres?



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