Maximized Unit of Measure Conversion

  • Paul

    Paul - 2006-11-17

    Hi guys,
    Is it possible to strengthen the unit of measure conversion in adempier? is it possible if we will be able to receive in a certain UOM then withdraw to another UOM..say for example our material receiving is in kilos but withdrawals would be on grams...

    many thanks..


    • Colin Rooney

      Colin Rooney - 2006-11-17

      I think this is already possible, but the maintenence of such could be simplified a whole lot.  As it stands, you need to define the UoM conversion rate per product!
      So if you deal with lot of products that buy and sell at different UoMs then it's a maintenance nightmare.

      One point too, when you define the product you must set the UoM to the smallest UoM used. So if you buy in Kg and sell in grams then you must define the product UoM as Grams.

      Another annoyance is you must define the reciprical values manually.  So if you define that a Kg has 1000 greams... you must also define that 1000g=1Kg. 

      And I don't think you can report in different UoMs ... but you can use the Uom on Sales, Purchases etc. docs.

      Finally you should add this requirement to the wiki section on incomplete functionality  to be completed (see here\)


    • Paul

      Paul - 2006-11-18


      thanks for your prompt reply. im now enlightened on how UOM's really works on compiere.
      more power to adempiere!


    • Chris Farley

      Chris Farley - 2006-12-21

      It would be awesome if purchase orders generated by running the replenish process would honor the "UOM" field of the Product/Purchasing record. For example, if I sell an item by the "Ea" and my vendor sells it to be by the "Case", it would be cool if the generated purchase order was automatically in "Case" quantities.


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