ADempiere 370LTS now available!

  • Victor Perez Juarez

    Dear community!

    I am pleased to announce the release of version ADempiere 370 LTS.

    I want to thank  all the contributors and members of this worldwide Community who made this possible,specially our committers, testers, documentation writers, consultants and implementers.

    This new version includes bug fixes and and additions cumulated from the last release ADempiere 360 LTS.

    This release is the first using Mercurial as distributed source control management and new process development.

    Release Notes:

    ZKWebUI revamped
    Implementation of Best Practices in code
    Adaptations for switch to Hg / Mercurial
    Fixes / Improvements around Eclipse and Development
    Bill of Materials Importer
    Inventory Movement Importer 
    Payroll Notice Importer
    Reverse VoidIt for Payroll Correction Process 
    Add forms of Production (Libero) to support ZKWebUI
    Improves in Dashboard Content
    Support of PostgreSQL 9
    Auto Payment Allocation Improvement
    Improvements JavaPOS
    Enable printing from Jasper Report Server Process
    Import custom separator using
    Process that copies the "subtabs" of a product including prices and replenishment
    Vertical Spacing in Swing Client
    Production: enable prepare the document for Requisition Action
    Correct export to Excel
    Fix zoom functionality from orders
    Send BCC to From sending e-mail 
    Calculator improvements
    Advanced Search Improvements
    Enable immediate accounting for Production Document
    Enable differential pricing for sales
    Product Price Vendor Break and UM conversion
    Demo data - generate accounting periods for GardenWorld 2011
    English (Canada) language
    New Translation Spanish (Mexico) 
    COA Vietnam
    Russian Regions
    Locations linked with google map
    Enable possibility to hide columns by default in list view.
    Enable possibility to set preferred width on columns in list view.

    kind regards
    Victor Pérez
    Member of Technical Team

  • Johnson Joseph

    Johnson Joseph - 2011-09-02

    Great job Victor!. A big round of applaud for the great work done for Public  to change this world. May God bless all the those who worked behind this great product.

    Johnson Joseph

  • Tommy Fan

    Tommy Fan - 2011-09-06

    Congratulation and many thanks for your great effort!

    How do I easily download the source code without having to use mercurial ?


  • John Agudelo

    John Agudelo - 2011-09-06

    Is there any procedure or script to upgrade from the 3.6 to 3.7?
    John Agudelo

  • Vassilis V

    Vassilis V - 2011-09-08

    The link is working fine for me

  • Scott Furtado

    Scott Furtado - 2011-09-13

    weird it is working now.  sorry for any confusion!!


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