Thomas Bayen - 2012-06-15

Norbert (and Community),

I am a bit upset about you all the time repeating that idempiere is not part of this project ( , It should be allowed to take an own, similar but experimental direction of development without being banned in this forums. 95% of the ADempiere DNA is written by Jörg Janke. The difference between the version you call official and idempiere seems big in that OSGi changes the directory structure of the whole code but in real it changes the DNA not in 1% of the business code. Some months ago Red1 took the POS from OpenBravo and ported it to ADempiere. This is an indication thet OpenBravo has the same \\\\\\\'95% Jörg Janke DNA\\\\\\\' too.  We all are still doing Compiere here.

I myself have not yet used idempiere but I find it an interesting idea to modularize the very big codebase and I would like to have e.g. leaner versions of the database table and window handling without the ERP stuff. OSGi seems a reasonable way to achieve that. You did not answer my question what you think is the best way for modularizing. I believe that someone has to try OSGi out to see whether it works!

In the older rules of gouvernance (see wiki page Community Gouvernance) and also in your recently written Citizen Application Form (see wiki page Citizen Application Form) you emphasize the fact that members of the community should not harm the project, have an \\\\\\\'amicable, cooperative and sympathetic behavior\\\\\\\' and so on. The code of conduct (see \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\"Community Gouvernance\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\" page) says \\\\\\\'be respectful\\\\\\\' and \\\\\\\'be collaborative\\\\\\\'. Then why are you banning people just because they mention the OSGi version of ADempiere???

In the rules of Community Gouvernance I read the task of the CC Team is a \\\\\\\'dedicated team for the social side of the project\\\\\\\'. It has to ensure that the \\\\\\\'Code of Conduct\\\\\\\' is followed by community members.

You are violating your own rules. YOU are forking. The idempiere community is growing every time you throw someone out of these forums here. Inbetween I get better answers for simple adempiere questions in the idempiere forums and chatrooms than here in your so-called \\\\\\\'official\\\\\\\' project.

Why are you doing this? You destroy this project by forcing people to go to other places and giving them the feeling to be not welcome here. You call them to have a fork but indeed you are the one who forks the community.

You are violating the community rules.

Please do the community a favor and let us all together think about some changes in the CC team members that allows us to change some of the rules, the style and tone we use in the community and get a new spirit. Let us all try to work towards one goal: To kick SAP in the ass. :-) I do not think that you, Norbert, are the right person for a position in CC Team.

Thomas Bayen