Suggestion request about italian community

  • FreePath

    FreePath - 2010-04-09

    Hi all,
    here in italy theres a growing interest in Adempiere, and with some other companies we are planning to create an italian community, to share approach to problems, solutions and knowledge
    specific to the italian context.
    To this end, and to contribute back to the Adempiere community, we would like to set up an area in svn, and if the need arise on wiki, with the goal to have easily identifiable
    addons/customization that are suitable for use in italy, and for wich there is a (reasonable) guarantee to be compatible with each other.
    We thought about an "" named folder under "contributions", and under that one a space for each company.
    Is that approach aligned with the view of the community leader and others Heads ?
    If not, what will you suggest as an alternative approach ?

    Best Regards

  • Angelo Dabalà

    Angelo Dabalà - 2010-04-09

    Hello everybody,

    I would like to add to what Silvano said, that me and my company are among the others who joined their forces to build a stronger community of implementors in our country. Currently we are 7/8 companies and we had two meetings. To grow faster we want to share a common localization and cooperate on establish a partner network.

    Angelo Dabalà

  • Carlos Ruiz

    Carlos Ruiz - 2010-04-09

    Hi Silvano, Hi Angelo,

    There is no naming convention on branches or contribution folders, and policies there are very relaxed.

    I'm sure the most important thing is you want to contribute - and it's a very good thing you want to join.

    So, just ask what you need - some of you have commit permissions, just let us know if you need more.


    Carlos Ruiz

  • Redhuan D. Oon

    Redhuan D. Oon - 2010-04-10

    Ciao Silvano and Angelo,
    Just tell us the list of Italian names and we shall grant you commit rights. We already know you well for quite some time so there is no problem. I already added Freepath to the list.

    We welcome very much the Italian connection and family :) .. since ADempiere is Italian anyway. :D Feel free to build your own branch of course a good naming convention will be Branch/Italia or whatever name is easy for your community to recognise you.

    We thank you very much for your effort.


  • FreePath

    FreePath - 2010-04-12

    Hi Carlos and Red1,
    thanks both for the prompt answer.
    As of now we will do every commit with a single sf account, so its enough for us to have commit permissions for this (freepath) username.



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