community membership - anything new?

  • egonzalez.ergio

    egonzalez.ergio - 2012-02-29

    Hi to all:

    It's been awhile since my citizenship request and that of others more.
    Has there been any news on this?


  • Victor Perez Juarez

    Dear Sunhisan!

    I like to know more about your contributions , this way I can form a criteria and  support you in citizen voting process, Can you list or show your contribution for this project?

    kind regards
    Victor Pérez

  • Carlos Ruiz

    Carlos Ruiz - 2012-03-01


    It started the same, asking for contributions.

    I think that step was exhausted, contributions proven, more than two actual citizens supported, but now is a trial to deny that process and restart it from zero.  Next step is a defamation from moyses.

    Emilianos, let me repeat the same words to complete the deja-vu:

    Emiliano & Emiliano - let me state this for you -> YOU ARE ALREADY ADEMPIERE CITIZENS!  Voted or not, you already have contributed BY FAR MORE than many of the actual citizens.


    Carlos Ruiz

  • nwessel

    nwessel - 2012-03-01

    Hi Sushisan,

    are you included on this list ?

    If you are not you need to be nominated according to our rules described here: .

    To help others to nominate you it would be helpful to know who you are and how you want to bring adempiere forward.
    You do not need contributions to the project to become a citizen but you need other citizen to nominate and vote for you.

    Do you already have been nominated? Can you please give the link to a post.

    If you have questions feel free to contact me.

    Kind regards,

  • Tobias Schöneberg

    Just a random thought:
    Maybe nominees could link from their name on to their wiki user-page and add relevant info there.

    Best regards


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