CC meeting Tue, November 27th, 2012

  • xolali

    xolali - 2012-11-28

    Hi Mario,
    Your log for a 1 hr look very scanty to me. Can you re classify it as an edited log of events


  • Mario Calderon

    Mario Calderon - 2012-11-28

    Xolali (do you have a real name?),
    your comment here adds to a score of other posts with your authorship in the forums which altogether annoy me and make me ask about the role you are playing.

    Instead of being absorbed by the contents of the meeting, you made a great discovery sidelines: you measured the time, counted the words, and became profoundly worried because the amount is not the one you expected. Then, you had the great idea to suggest renaming the log, but in reality you are implying that something unduly has been done, being you the one who discovered it. Lucky you to have the time for it.

    If you had read the contents more carefully than the time tags, you'd found out that it was a skype voice conference, where we used the chat space to document what was talked.

    I expect from you that you ask in the first place "what can I do to improve the code, wiki contents, documents, etc.?" . As far as I know the project, you have not behaved in a manner that you can demand anything. So please, first contribute, make yourself useful, be constructive, test code, improve documentation, answer questions in the forums, do something positive to the project, and then (and just then) start  making demands. The other way around (your actual behavior) is unacceptable.

    Mario Calderon

  • Colin Rooney

    Colin Rooney - 2012-11-28

    Well said Mario and I would whole heartedly agree.

    There are far too  many here willing to point fingers and offer opinions but then when it comes actually contributing some work are never heard from.


  • Ramiro Vergara

    Ramiro Vergara - 2012-11-28

    Totally agree with Mario and Colin comments.

    Funny thing was that a good portion of the discussion was about how to accomodate voluntary monetary contribution for the progress of the project.

    It is so easy to destroy with words but much more satisfactory to build with actions.



  • Mark Ostermann

    Mark Ostermann - 2012-11-28

    Hello Mario, Colin and Ramiro.

    Thanks alot, great said. It does not seem that Xolali is looking for voluntary work or ways to contribute. I invited him to introduce himself to the community last week too:

    Let's see if Xolali is so polite to introduce himself this time.

    Hope you guys are all fine. :-)

    Greetings from Sankt Augustin.
    just an ADempiere citizen, and ADempiere Functional Team member, and active ADempiere e.V. Member and … … i'm earning my living with ADempiere labour

  • xolali

    xolali - 2012-11-28

    Hi All,
    With all due respect this looks more like a meeting log
    it  gives you a FEEL of the meeting, but this is a scanty log

    You could have explained without getting all worked up, after all leaders are supposed to be accountable, so you should

    expect questions. I read the minutes and contents very well, but it didnt give me a FEEL of the meeting.

    Which of my comments has angered all of you so much, is it my call for elections or my call for credible transparent

    elections or my comment that Fina be granted access to work for community, show me your colors…

    Well, i will  continue to air my views as long as i remain a stakeholder in this community and please check out the meaning

    of stakeholder once again and come back with a better response.

    And to all you cheerleaders, please check this out
    Also take some time to search for my name xolali in all forums and see if the posts i do qualifier as contributions.
    I guess most of you dont spend time in developer forums so i will have to give you some pointers.

    10.avoid demanding contributions or cooperation from others
    11.avoid blaming anybody for not contributing or cooperating

    You are breaking the rules of the land…

    Warmest Regards


  • xolali

    xolali - 2012-11-28

    Sorry, i had to do a double post because of sourceforge spam filtering…..

    But you know, as per CC guidelines
    10.avoid demanding contributions or cooperation from others
    11.avoid blaming anybody for not contributing or cooperating

    You are breaking the rules of the land…

  • John Agudelo

    John Agudelo - 2012-11-29

    @ Xolali:
    Please stop saying crap, do not know how to attack any good initiative by the actual people who really want to do something for the project, I'm tired of people like you who believe with more rights than people who actually work.

    @ CC :

    They have my support to the work they are doing and go ahead with this initiative.

    John Agudelo

  • RAM

    RAM - 2012-11-29


    Totally agree with Xolali comments

    You are breaking the rules of the land…

    Long life to ADempiere + OSGi  ;)




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