Adempier + SmartPOS + good reference in Egypt

  • moataz moussa

    moataz moussa - 2012-04-09

    Hi All,
    This is the first time to post a topic but I'm familiar with Adempiere for more than 3 years now.

    As I'm totally convinced that Adempiere is considered one of the best ERP, I made much efforts to build a good reputation and community for Adempiere here in Egypt and Middle East, although this too difficult as Microsoft and Oracle  dominate the market regardless the great percentage of SMPs in Egypt that cannot afford these solutions.

    Finally, I succeeded  to gain a great opportunity with big retail company with 20 stores that needs centralized ERP integrated with POS terminals. So, I decided to use SmartPos for this opportunity.

    Now I have a teem of developers and functional consultants to implement Adempiere. In addition,  we have some ideas related using  Adempiere in the retail industry, we will try to achieve these ideas.

    I hope this opportunity be a good reference for Adempiere in Egypt so that we can build good community for Adempiere in Middle East.

    Moataz Moussa


    AZZAM OTHMAN - 2012-04-09

    Salam Motaz,

    It great to hear that you have successful implementation for Adempiere. It will be good if you can write about your experience in Adempiere . You can show what are the strength points and main modules you used. What new modules ( if any ) , new windows, porocesses or reports you developed. What are the problems you had ( if any ) and what are the weak points in Adempiere and how you avoided. How you can advise new Adempiere users to learn & implement Adempiere.

    Looking forward to hear from you.

    Best Regards,


  • nwessel

    nwessel - 2012-04-10

    Hi Moataz,

    thank you for sharing this with the community. I wish you good luck and much success with the implementation.
    If you run into problems post them in the forums and you might get good help.

    Kind regards,


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