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Ayaz Ahmed
  • Ayaz Ahmed

    Ayaz Ahmed - 2012-10-13

    Dear Walking tree Community

    I have some doubt related to Jasper Integration, Parameter and jasper report based on Document Type.

    I have create a folder /opt/Adempiere/reports. I have placed my all jasper and jrxml files into reports folder. I can generate reports from web but I am unable to generate from Desktop client. What I have to do for generating reports from desktop client

    I have created also a Payment Voucher for document. RECORD_ID is not showing correct data with payment window. Suppose I generate report for documentno 1000000 It shows data of documentno 1000010.

    I have created two Vouchers (Payment Voucher and Receipt Voucher) for each document type like for AP Payment & AR Receipt. I have also defined two print format into banks and into document type too. but it is only showing Payment voucher. Not displaying receipt voucher for document type AR Receipt. For Document type should be show "Receipt Voucher" instead of Payment Voucher. I have also defined print format for AP Payment and AR Receipt.

    Ayaz Ahmed

  • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)

    Hi Ayaz Ahmed,

    If you want to be able to start your Jasper reports from Web UI and from ADempiere Desktop client then you must deploy your Jasper reports as attachments or as classpath in .jar files.


  • Ayaz Ahmed

    Ayaz Ahmed - 2012-10-23

    Hi Trifon

    I am using postgres 9.1.3, Attachment is not working properly.
    Can you tell me steps to deploy jasper as a classpathe in .jar

    Ayaz Ahmed


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