Vendor RMA - Correction not possible

  • Jubin Philip

    Jubin Philip - 2012-07-24

    Hi All,

    I recently found out there might be a possible glitch in the Returns section. Particularly, I found this to be true with Vendor RMA. I'm not sure if the same happens for Customer RMA as well (but im guessing it does).

    Once we complete a Vendor RMA _(doc status=complete) _this document is identified as processed. I will not be able to make another Vendor RMA for the same Material Receipt, irrespective of if I actually returned the goods or not. I will be prompted with an error Amount to be returned is greater than the amount shipped

    1. Create a Material Receipt of Prod A for 10 Qty. Complete the Material Receipt.
    2. Create a V-RMA for this Material Receipt for the entire qty =10. Complete the V-RMA.

    Now consider for some reasons (often due to human error), I was supposed to authorize only qty=5 (partial return). But since i have the V-RMA completed, i cannot go back and change it.

    3. I tried closing the V-RMA without creating a Return to Vendor receipt for this V-RMA (thus, i still have inventory=10).
    4. I created another V-RMA for qty=5 (in order to correct the human error).

    Upon completion of this new RMA, i get the error : Amount to be returned is greater than the amount shipped

    I believe, since already a RMA was authorized for 10 and my Material Receipt qty=10, system thinks i have returned 10.
    But in real the initial RMA is void for me.. but sadly not for ADempiere :-(

    Is there a work around for this, or is this a possible glitch we need to fix in ADempiere?

    Looking forward for valuable suggestions,



  • Jubin Philip

    Jubin Philip - 2012-07-30

    Anyone? Any help?

  • Anonymous - 2012-12-13

    Hi Philip

    I have the same issue with Customer RMA also.

  • Colin Rooney

    Colin Rooney - 2012-12-13

    I always found this functionality a little "flaky" - but my understanding of the process is.
    The RMA itself is the equivalent of an Order (be that a Sales or Purchase), and like an Order it has little impact of the system in that there are no transactions associated with it.

    The actual transaction occurs when the return of materials occur (Customer Return & Return to Vendor).  The return is linked to the previously created RMA. Like all transactional documents (or most anyway), after you complete the Return here is usually an option to Close (the default) and finalize a document and also an option to Reverse. When you click on the Document Action button you can select the transaction - on my GardenWorld test client there is a Reverse - Correct option.  This will create an "opposite" document to cancel the original material receipt and now I can create (and complete again) a corrected document.

    Rather than close your documents, try reversing them.




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