Order can't be choosen in Gen.Shipment ...

  • Yan

    Yan - 2011-09-23

    Hi everyone,

    I've downloaded 3.7 version and i made some tests.

    Here steps to reproduce :
    Create a Sales Order (customer : Joe Block, one line : Mary_Mary Consultant (qty1))
    Complete it

    Now, open Generate Shipment form and choose it.
    Validate. A shipment is generated. Great.

    Now, void the shipment.

    And try to select again the order in the Generate Shipment form…

    That's just impossible !

    It seems that when you complete a shipment, the flag isDelivered is set to Yes in the order.
    But it nevert turns to No. And the order is always delivered. You have to ship manually.

    Is this a bug ? or a feature ?



  • KittiU

    KittiU - 2011-10-01


    I think it is a bug, we are looking at fixing it.

    Also the case of copying completed SO to start off, the delivery flag also copied over and make it not possible to gen shipment. https://sourceforge.net/tracker/?func=detail&aid=3323648&group_id=176962&atid=879332

    I think this area is quite complicated itself, and so some bug are still hidden.

    Kitti U.


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