Depreciation of Fixed Assets


  • Anonymous

    Hi All,

    I don't like to ask broad questions like this on help forums but please forgive me as I have done a lot of research and am still rather lost.

    What I would like to do is use Adempiere to depreciate fixed assets.

    This is how I understand things should work.

    First create a purchase order for the asset, then create a delivery receipt for the asset.
    At this point I think I should be able to build a depreciation work file.
    But I find that A_DEPRECIATION_WORKFILE is empty.

    Am I missing something?

    Also I should Depreciation methods allow me to create a new item? At the moment I can't enter anything at all.

    Is there a guid for this any where? I have done a bit of looking and found something (FA_Manual_en.doc) that has a lot of French in it. But the screens seem a little too different.

    Any help much appreciated as I am really really lost.


  • Mike Mckay
    Mike Mckay

    Hi Daniel,


    On the talk page, Red1 describes the work necessary to get the Asset Management module working.  There are some links to his work at the end of the page.


  • hemal

    I use Adempiere 3.6.0 , but assets module does not perform following functions. 1) Asset creation - AP inbound creation , Manual addition and GL posting 2) Depreciation calculation and journal entry. Can any one please help me out Thanks in advance -Hemal.

  • HI Mike,
    I am using Adempiere 370 and I have problem that I can't make deprication method neither as System administrator, neither as a Garden Admin or any other client. Am I mising something?

  • Hi

    by the article provided by walking tree I am able to Purchase the assets and able to update the asset balances but my accounting entry on invoice (vendor) is Taxes debit,Inventory clearing debit,A/C payable credit. Then what is the use of configuring the account combination on account master? and my entry should be asset account debit instead of inventory clearing. Even i want to know the functionality of charging depreciation and asset disposal