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How to recalculate costs

  • Angelica Isaza

    Angelica Isaza - 2013-03-03

    Hello community.

    As I explained in one of my last messages, we need to recalculate the costs of products every time that a Purchase order is  completed … if we use the accounting processor that works flawlessly, but for the current project we can not turn on the accounting processor yet becuase accounting in not in our first phases yet …( we are delayin that due to business requirements).

    1. Is it possible to configure adempiere  (3.6.1 + Nov2012 patches) to recalculate these costs without using the accouting processor ?  

    2. Having in mind that our development team is customizing some code, If the previous scenario is not possible with only configuration changes,  do you know which java class or method we would need to invoke to recalculate the costs (average for example) when we complete the PO ?


    Angelica Isaza


    ADAXA - 2013-03-04

    Hi Angelica
    Would you be able to utilise in the accounting schema..
    cost level=batch/lot
    cost method = last PO price
    then populate the 'cost price' field on the PO line which then is used to cost all in/outs of instances related to that PO.

  • Angelica Isaza

    Angelica Isaza - 2013-03-04

    Thank you for your colaboration, I will test your suggestion


    Angelica Isaza


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