Matching of SO with Invoice(customer)?

  • Harsahda Sawant

    Harsahda Sawant - 2012-06-26

    I can  match PO-receipt-Invoice(vendor)…..But in case of sales how would I match SO with Invoice (customer)? I have completed all the Invoice(customer) without SO order reference(link) Now how can I match/Link SO with Invoice(customer)?Please help me…..

  • goran djermanovic

    I have same question…

  • Jahn Andy

    Jahn Andy - 2012-12-19

    I had the same problem. Must ship first in order to match it to the sales order. Otherwise you won't be able to match.
    Sales Order -> Shipment -> Invoice

  • goran djermanovic

    Can somene tell me where can I find some instruction or manual about Managing
    Sales? Here is the question which I didn't understand so far: if SO is made
    on one place, but warehuse is on another, when somebody from sales create that
    SO, how will people from warehouse know what and to whom to ship? In short,
    how can you have controll over what was shipped and what was invoiced? I know
    that it can be partially controlled over generating shipment and invoices from
    SO, but for example if you generate shipment or invoice from SO and not complete
    it, you can later generate it again from the same SO. Then you will have doubled
    documents and all can be completed and then you will have mess. In Purchase
    it's solved by matching PO, Receipts and Invoices from Vendor. How to solve
    this particular problem in Sales?
    Could this be solved with Work Flow or adding button "Create invoice from Shipment" or something like that?

  • moataz moussa

    moataz moussa - 2013-01-21

    if I understand your issue correctly , I have a suggestion.

    Why don't we use the window of '' Generate Invoice Manual'' where can you select the orders then press generate. Once the invoice generated, there is a field in the invoice window indicates the source sales order number.

    Additional step, we can used the advanced search or report to view the linked invoice.

    However, the matched window that similar to the PO will be great.

    Moataz Moussa

  • goran djermanovic

    Thanks Moataz,
    I allready try that and with invoice rule "After delivery" it can some how work so I can use it. Other problem is that if I generate inoice or shipment from SO, and not complete it I can do it again and make some mess because I wil have opened at least 2 invoice and/or 2 shipments which all can be completed, is there some solution for this?


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