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  • Freddy Rodriguez

    Hi Adempiere Community

    We present the following behavior when using multiple versions of price list to the same product.
    1. We created the product "ABC"
    2. In the tab "Business Partner" We created "one_provider" and "two_provider"
    3. In pricelist we created two versions: "one_provider_version" with price "10" and "two_provider _version" with price "15"
    4. We create a purchase order for the "two_provider".
    5. We create the line, and click in the window of "information product"
    6. Select the price list with value "15", but when the system bring the information to the order line, it brings the value "10" (lowest).

    Anyone know how I can change the Adempiere prametrización to the order line brings the value of the price list that I select the list rather than lowest price.

    We are working on adempiere 361 with latest patch level and everything is done via web

    Thanks in advance.

    Best Regards.

    Freddy Rodriguez,
    Java Developer/Integrator
    SmartJSP Solutions 

  • Colin Rooney

    Colin Rooney - 2013-02-16

    In step 3 did you create two versions of a single pricelist or two pricelists?

    Also, you didn't mention the step where you assign the pricelist to the vendor - which you should do too.

    Ultimately though all this is just to get the correct default for the Pircelist when you create a new PO.  And the price that defaults for any new product entered should be the one on the pricelist selected on the PO Header (less any discounts that might be applied).

    The product window will only return the product - not the price.  What price which will default when you tab off the product field will be the one from the pricelist selected on the PO header.


  • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)

    Hi Freddy Rodriguez,

    I have created exactly the same configuration.
    One product, 2 vendors and two different price list for each vendor, then i have assigned proper price list to the vendors.
    When creating Purchase Order for Vendor-2, ADempiere have selected his price list and proper price(15 USD) was used.

    As Colin have suggested, please make sure that you have assigned proper price list to each Vendor.
    Check which is the price list used in the Purchase Order. Information for the product prices is read from the Price List assigned on the Purchase or Sales Order.


  • Mike Mckay

    Mike Mckay - 2013-02-17

    Hi Freddy,

    It a challenge to manage more than one active version of a price list.

    The best way to assign price lists to customers and vendors is through the Business Partner Group window.  The BP Group identifies the default price list that will be used with a BP is added to a PO or SO.

    To make that work, rather than two versions of the same price list, make two different price lists with their own versions.  You can create a base price list that both are created from and then define the rules that will generate each version of the two distinct price lists.

    You should end-up with something like this:

    * A base price list - typically the vendor purchase price  (you don't need this but it helps if the rules are simple calculations.  It could be that one of the following price lists is the base for the other i.e. Price list 2 has the same prices and Price list 1 but marked up 10%.  The calculations are defined in the Price List Schema window.)
    * Price list for vendor group 1
    **  A version of this price list where the price rule creates the "one_provider_version" with price "10"
    * Price list for vendor group 2
    ** A version of this price list where the price rule creates the "two_provider _version" with price "15"

    Open the Business Partner Group window and modify or create two groups and assign the price lists created above to each group.

    Open the Business Partner Window and assign the groups to the various Business Partners.

    Now try to create a PO for that vendor and note that the correct price list is used.

    Create a line for the PO and note that the current price is used for that price list.

    Hope this helps.


  • Freddy Rodriguez

    The topic is clear to me. Thanks for you cooperation


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