Migration (or upgrade) tool

  • karsten-thiemann

    I have finnished the implementation of a tool that compares two compiere databases and generates a sql script to upgrade the first db to the second.
    This tool can be used to migrate from old compiere versions to the adempieres starting db (253b).

    You need some basic sql and java knowledge because the tool doesn't resolve all dependencies and so you have to edit the generated sql script before you can apply it to your database (alter the order of insert statements, set some default values).

    Please try it and share the generated (+ edited and tested) migration scripts with the community.

    You can find the tool and some instructions here:


    • moyses

      moyses - 2006-09-27


      Thank you very much for your contribution, it certainly will help in fullfilling one of the most important task of Adempiere:

      Version lock in!

      Best Regards!

    • Redhuan D. Oon

      Redhuan D. Oon - 2006-10-04

      I have downloaded the migration zip file from download section and run it.

      Its a huge success!! I am reporting details about it here https://sourceforge.net/forum/forum.php?thread_id=1582629&forum_id=610548

    • karsten-thiemann

      I did an upgrade of the migration tool.
      The program now generates complete script automaticly. Only little adjustments of the generated needed.
      It's ment to create migration scripts for the migration of standard compiere versions to adempiere (or any compiere version to any other compiere)

      You can find it in svn:

      And I will upload it to the files section after some more testing.



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