RED PEAR PLC gives away CivilWorks module

  • Redhuan D. Oon

    Redhuan D. Oon - 2007-11-01

    Some friends came out of the woodwork to support me with projects to sustain my open bazaar dream. I get my own chariot which i give the name Red Pear PLC (Malaysia).

    Our chief mission now is to get get get ADempiere to all all all govt agencies in the country. My personal mission there is to give give give more source and informational value away to the community.

    For a start, we are doing up on the and begin 2Packing it into ADempiere latest version.

    Other works in mind are:

    1) Public Sector's Chart of Accounts
    1.b) Budgetary Reporting

    2) Sponsors of govt projects module (where sponsors are not purchased from as they give away either cash or goods to govt projects)

    3) Opening Balance module (at the moment you post and post and post into the GL)

    4) Correction of the Costing Engine way of Product Costing during Shipment/Invoice

    5) Vehicles Maintenance Module

    6) Graphical Map of Locators (with their inventory)

    If there are still any profits at the end of our projects we shall sponsor bazaar contributor of the year to stay at our beach resort. At the moment i m looking for a company accountant who doesnt mind my non-existent business model.

    • Colin Rooney

      Colin Rooney - 2007-11-02

      well done red1... that will keep you busy for a long while! :)


    • Mario Calderon

      Mario Calderon - 2007-11-13

      congrats red1, you semm to follow your path consequently.

      Mario Calderon

    • Paulo Emerique

      Paulo Emerique - 2008-02-27

      Hi all, Hi red1.

      After five years on Compiere/Adempiere bandwagon, we have been less involved on past year.

      Now we're back, and this week we have gone live with our first Adempiere deployment.

      We're talking to some companies looking for engineering services management solutions. Just checked trunk/contributions and coundn't find civilworks there. Is it possible to have this contribution sources now ?

      We'd like to know more about OpenProj integration, what are the requirements, and how is it moving ?

      Hope to contribute with this effort.


      Paulo Emerique
      Curitiba / Brazil

    • Redhuan D. Oon

      Redhuan D. Oon - 2008-03-07

      OpenProj is more handled by Victor's group with Tim Weath. Civilworks i have is in old compiere version 251d. I havent got enough resources to bring it forward. Hoping to resolve all this crunch soon.

      The work that was done by my ex staff i found out didnt reuse the Product/Service feature of our ERP when incorporating the construction industry's schema for some charges, so i hope to redo it again.

      I m trying to resolve this backlog crunch via apprentices supported by the govt. I m still awaiting the approval hopefully within a month. But then i need to train them, and that takes time and depends on their speed of learning.

    • s.trinchero

      s.trinchero - 2008-11-17

      Hi red1,
      we are an italian software house with some experience with compiere, now looking to employ adempiere for a new project, and planning to contribute what we develop to the adempiere community.

      We have seen your page about civilworks, and from the posts above, it looks pretty much stopped (or never started). Since it has some similarities to what we need to implement, we may be interested into porting it from compiere to adempiere. Is it possible to have the source (and dictionary definitions) for the current release to evaluate such a porting ?

      Best regards,

      • Redhuan D. Oon

        Redhuan D. Oon - 2008-11-17

        Hi Silvano,
        I dont know how to say this, but the sources are way too back in old version and the changes are too cosmetic. It was done by my former staff, whom after examining his work i find lots of gaps in implementation such as ignoring that product can also be service type and not create a new field instead.

        Thus it may be only the design that we can discuss here. In future if i have a similar project certainly i will contribute further. So now perhaps u can addon to this for now.


  • Redhuan D. Oon

    Redhuan D. Oon - 2011-02-04

    Now, after quite a while, I am making a proposal to a private client on reviving for the Construction Industry. Its good thing i am approaching this at this later date, as now my understanding of things are more matured. I still have the format files online. I will check if the links given before or i just update them in the wiki above.

    Anyway to continue my tots on this:

    1. I think MS Project integration of some sort will come into play. MS Project is vastly popular in such a target market.
    1.a There is tot about using OpenProj instead, but i think that will be a higher hanging fruit at the moment. If we can grasp MSP then OpenProj can be done by others standing on what we done.

    2. Integrating to MSP should be done at this early stage as a loosely coupled thingy. I am thinking aloud about the inherent capability of MS apps to talk to each other and in this case Excel. So, MSP can export / import to Excel, and our ADempiere already can export / import from Excel/CSV.

    3. Now, Libero Mfg has (after talking to Victor just now) Task > Mfg Order populating which is somewhat cutting some grub from MSP. So i reckon we can use MSP for simple task drawing up, export to Libero, to populate to more child items and schedule times, export back to MSP.

    4. We can abstract out a AD_Sex (rule-based populator :) ) that takes a MSP item, expand it according to what AD_* stuff it wants and do it accordingly. AD_Sex stores the template and some rules format to be reused again.



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