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  • karsten-thiemann


    I implemented a new feature - a 'DocumentNo Search'. I added a textfield to the bottom of main window between the ' Expand Tree' checkbox and 'Lookup' field. If the user enters a document number and hits enter it does a search in all tables with a DocumentNo column (hardcoded list) like Invoice, Order, Payment, Movement(Confirm), Ship/Receipt(Confirm) and Physical Inventory. Of course the search is limited to the tables that the actual Role can access.
    If a matching record is found the related window with the record is opened (filtered). If the document number is found in more than one table _all_ related windows are opened - not sure if this is the best solution...

    Trifon had the idea to allow search entries like inv-123456 to reduce the search to the c_invoice table - I think this is a good idea - what do you think about that?

    Best regards,

    • Armen Rizal (Goodwill)

      Hi Karsten,

      It would be better if we can have a pop-up window displaying the search result rather than open up all the windows!

      or maybe we have just pop-up list that like in the zoom accross toolbar.

      Anyway, great idea and great contribution. +1 from me.


      Armen Rizal

    • Carlos Ruiz

      Carlos Ruiz - 2008-08-21

      Hi Karsten, sounds like a good enhancement.

      Correlating this with a recent thread:
      Transaction Codes

      I think it would be great to have just one field to drive commands from user - we could use the current Lookup textbox (or rename it for Action).

      And define possible "Actions" for that.

      For example:
      Business   - would do a search on the menu (current behavior)
      /M Business  - synonym for the previous
      :Code      - could launch a "transaction code" like proposed on the other thread
      /D 123456 - could do the documentNo search you're proposing
      :invcus 123456   - could open invoice customer window with the documentno (supposing invcus is the transaction code for invoice customer)

      This way we could implement easily a "Recent Items" window or menu - the recent would just need to save the transaction code and key

      What do you think?


      Carlos Ruiz

  • d_arc

    d_arc - 2010-06-11

    Hi all,

    is this feature implemented yet? coz i can't find it at Main Menu..


  • karsten-thiemann

    Hi Dar,

    please login as SuperUser/System with role SystemAdministrator and search for 'Search Definition'. There you can define your own search rules.  Use the slash (/) to use the search codes e.g. /bp partnername

    Best regards, Karsten

  • d_arc

    d_arc - 2010-06-14

    Hi Karsten,

    thx for the answer, i've tried it and it works great :)

    Best Regards,


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