A problem with hg clone - connection ended...

  • Stanislav

    Stanislav - 2012-11-19

    Hi, everybody!

    I'm trying to set up a customization environment now.
    I'm on Windows 7 and I use TortoiseHg to download the sources but it fails.

    It works for quite a long time writing the following in its window:

    % hg clone -verbose - http://adempiere.hg.sourceforge.net:8000/hgroot/adempiere/adempiere .
    requesting all changes
    adding changesets
    adding manifests
    adding file changes
    transaction abort!
    rollback completed
    прервано: connection ended unexpectedly 
       (I translate) interrupted: connection ended unexpectedly   

       (I translate)

    Just before the failure the program shows its counter of 47027 / 47052 chunks.
    I've tried to clone for 5 times now and during 2 last attempts I've noticed the value of this counter at the moment of failure and it was the same. That suggests me that the problem could be on the server side.
    Does anybody have any thoughts?

    Anyway, during that process there are more than 1G of files copied over the network and then they are all deleted during the rollback.
    Is it possible to change this behaviour so that I could retry to download only the files that are missing?

    Thanks in advance,

  • Trifon (An ADempiere founder)

    Hi Stanislav,

    Mercurial repo is a monster one. It is > 1 GB big and could take a lot of time depending on your speed.

    I think that ADempeire must move back to Subversion as we are currently making life of developers harder with Mercurial.


  • Stanislav

    Stanislav - 2012-11-19

    Thank you, Trifon!

    So is there some alternative way now to get a full source code so that I could start playing with Eclipse etc.?
    Maybe some zip is stored somewhere in a secret place ;-) ?
    That could be not the latest version.

    Well, I will certainly try to download from a different location in hope that the difiiculty is the matter of  internet channel quality…

    Thanks anyway,

  • Stanislav

    Stanislav - 2012-11-21

    Eventually I managed to get the repository.

    For this I used ssh instead of http. Apparently it is slower but more reliable.

    The size of the repository is 1,5 Gb and It took about 6-7 hours to download.


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