Jasper compile error

  • Anonymous

    Anonymous - 2012-12-26

    Hi: I'm trying to use jasper report on Ademìpier 3.5.2. I create a jrxml file with iReport 5.0.0 and configure the report and menu in Adempiere. But when I try to process I get:

    ===========> ReportStarter.compileReport: JRException; e.getMessage()= Errors we
    re encountered when compiling report expressions class file:
    org.codehaus.groovy.control.MultipleCompilationErrorsException: startup failed,
    calculator_test1_1356546507200_451516: 25: unexpected token: private @ line 25
    , column 5.
    1 error

    Can anyone guide me in the solution?


  • Thomas Bayen

    Thomas Bayen - 2012-12-26

    You should use the same version of JasperReports to compile the report that you use to show it.

    Trying to upgrade the jasper library inside adempiere may be a big mess (without osgi/idempiere or such to separate dependencies). And your statement of using 3.5.2 means for me you do not want to do a big upgrade of many libraries. My solution was to pack the *.jrxml file into my contribution and not the *.jasper file. So the Jasper Report engine inside adempiere will translate it with the embedded library and everything is ok.

    If I remember right I had to be a bit careful not to use new features of JasperReports (not using groovy may be an idea).



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