Updating Adempiere 3.5.3 virtual appliance

  • Arif

    Arif - 2013-01-03


    I am trying out ADempiere virtual appliance. I have a couple of queries:

    1. How to update to latest version of ADempiere within the virtual appliance ? Root and Adempiere accounts don't include ava_agent script (http://www.adempiere.com/ADempiere_Virtual_Appliance_Install#Latest_Version).

    2. I can't use the Java interface because of absence of JRE 1.5. Is there a way for the client to work with JDR 7 ?


  • Thomas Bayen

    Thomas Bayen - 2013-01-04


    The ava is really outdated. I do not believe anyone still can recommend it. Please use one of the more actual versions. If you really want and need there should be migration scripts for upgrading to database from every older version to the newest version in the source code package (it may be even in the server package, I do not remember). Look for the migration directory. There is a nice article about migration in the adempiere wiki.

    Versions 361 and 370lts runs with java6, oSGI is tested with OpenJDK6 and java7. (Java7 is still not tested very well because most developers prefer java6 for issues in the eclipse ide.)

    Latest stable version of classic (non-osgi) adempiere is 361 (http://www.adempiere.com/Branch_GlobalQSS_361). You find installers for several platforms, use the wiki search for "debian installer" oder "windows installer".

    The "official" newest version of the classic ADempiere is 370 (see link from main page of the adempiere wiki) but differences are small and you have no migration path to the oSGI version. I can't tell you how to find the bleeding-edge-version of the 370 fork. Search the wiki!

    oSGI version (Halloween edition - with newest features but still declared as alpha) is at http://wiki.idempiere.org/en/Main_Page

    To be short: I personally prefer oSGI, but as a beginner you may take 361 to have a stable base and migration paths to oSGI and the official fork.

    For a newbie the differences between all these versions are really not big. We have to admit that most of the code is still based on Compiere. ;-)


  • Mario Calderon

    Mario Calderon - 2013-01-07

    please do excuse me if my post doesn't deal with the main topic of the thread, instead I'd like to clarify concepts, so we don't get confused when we talk to each other.

    - There is no "official" ADempiere version. The Adempiere version is official (see https://sourceforge.net/projects/adempiere/files/ADempiere%20Official%20Release/Adempiere%203.7.0-LTS on the wiki).

    - All branches below the Adempiere repository are private; this includes their version numbering (e.g. 3.6.1) . You can find the history of official Adempiere releases here: http://adempiere.hg.sourceforge.net/hgweb/adempiere/adempiere/ .

    - Also, there is no "classic" version (nor  "modern", "light", "zero" or the like)

    - There is no "stable" or "unstable" versions of Adempiere. Releases are as stable as tested, and newest releases include bug fixes, contributing to the stability.

    - The Adempiere 370 version is not a fork. It is the latest release. Adempiere doesn't fork itself when releasing versions.

    - There is no OSGi version of Adempiere.

    - There is an Adempiere fork called iDempiere, which uses the OSGi framework. For this fork, there is not a migration path.

    Using adjectives like the ones in the past post leads only to confusion. It would be helpful if we stick to the facts.

    Best regards,
    Mario Calderon


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