#2709 Non translated data can't be used in languages other than en


When using the system in a language other than English, new entered data is considered to be input in english. Appart from that, the system does not present the data in selectors when a relation is needed, making the forms unusable. To be able to use the data is necessary to enable the translation tab and translate the data.

To reproduce:
1.- start with a fresh install
2.- create a new tenant
3.- Use spanish language
4.- Go to Payment Terms (Condiciones de pago)
5.- You should see there an immediate payment term. You can create a new one and save it.
6.- In that window you have another tab, selecting it you can see that the mandatory field payment term is not filled (and you can't fill it either)
7.- The same happens in any other form having a relation to a payment term.
8.- Using english language makes the forms work.
9.- Back to spanish. To be able to use the payment terms you have to enable translation tabs and translate the data you have just entered in step 5.

I have discussed this on the IRC channel and we found this to be a bug. We understand that, when the system lacks translation of any term, it should present the term in the default language. We are not sure whether, when you input data using other language than english, the system should take that into account and "auto" translate the data.


  • Ricardo Santana

    Ricardo Santana - 2012-02-23

    Hi Carlos,

    I followed this steps and I dont see the problem for the new record, but for the "immediate" payment term, wich was created automatically when the tenant was created the error described occurs.

    To solve that you don't need to enable the multi-language, just go to Language Window (as System Administrator), search for Spanish and then use the "Language Maintenance" process, using the parameter "Add Missing Translations".

    The InitialClientSetup process do not uses the PO objects, it insert values directly to the DB (for Payment Term refer to MSetup:1220), so the translations are not created.

    My suggestion to solve this is: Change the InitialClientSetup process to perform a Language Maintenance process.

    Code is attached.

    Ricardo Santana


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