Frank Vanhoof

Introducing A.D.D. Timer

Sometimes the problem isn't remembering to do something, it's losing track of time. I have plenty of ways to set alarms but I didn't have an effective way to deal with remembering to do those things that happen according to a time period, such as checking my e-mail three hours after I checked it last. An egg timer would do but who wants 5 egg timers ticking away on their desk.

And so ADDTimer was born. Hopefully you will find using it easy to use. It was developed to be simple to set up and even simpler to use.

So What Is It?

The A.D.D. Timer Application allows you to create customized countdown timers. The most important thing to remember about ADD Timer is that it's a countdown timer, not an alarm clock. One of the most signifigant features of ADD Timer is it's abilty to launch using customized launcher files. This allows you to have as many different timers running at the same time as you want.

How Do I?

[Creating A Launcher]: The basics on how to create a timer launcher.
[Maximizing On Launch]: Want to make ADDTimer maximize when it's launched?
[Text To Speech]: Have ADDTimer say something when the time is up.

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Wiki: Creating A Launcher
Wiki: Text To Speech

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