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Decision done which OS gets used as PlatForm

Lessest Comprises require Pure64. So here will come another Derivate of Pure64. Meanwhile BareMetal will get used as interimsSolution. Even that small existing Code require some ReWork due to USE16-Section resp BIOS-Calles are inacceptable even while BootStrapping. Utilized CPU-Mode will be Long Mode with 32-Bit-Legacy. FYI.

Posted by DigiRazer/Adamant 2013-08-24

First Code ... (documented)

was already uploaded a Month ago. Right, that's no real News but this is the Way I want to inform about State and point Visitors to SRC-File "Memory.cpp" resp inside Archive ~/files/SRC/Memory- in File-Section as first Stuff of potential Interest while the other Files concerning Documentation and AuxMeans like Templates could at Present confuse Visitors looking for "Substance". It's all in the Memory-Class at Present! ... read more

Posted by DigiRazer/Adamant 2013-08-07