Other doc-formats than HTML

  • Bent Bracke

    Bent Bracke - 2002-02-22


    Are there any plans for AdaDoc to support other formats than HTML ?

    I have written a package which is the equivalent of outils_adadoc-html except it produces StrongHelp pages, which is a format widely used on the ARM/Risc OS platform.

    AdaDoc compiles without any problems on that platform.


    Bent Bracke

    • Michael Erdmann

      Michael Erdmann - 2002-02-22

      I think docbook would be also a resonable target
      format. At least i would need it.

    • Vincent Decorges


      Currently we are working on a new release which create an intermediate xml file. From this xml file we plan to create a c interface to generate other formats (html, pdf, ...). Look on the cvs under dev-1.2 for the source code

      Vincent Decorges

    • Buz Cory

      Buz Cory - 2005-06-19

      My own present intention is to integrage AdaDoc into a platform-independant Ada/UML CASE tool. For this I wld want the intermediate XML file mentioned above which should then be convertable to an XMI (UML standard interchange format) using XSLT.

      Not doable until I learn more UML & XSL.

      Will look at this more when I get it installed and working (your binary requires GCC-Ada-3.4 and I am still using 3.3).


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