• Eric Merritt

    Eric Merritt - 2001-11-06

    Any timeframe on an english linux port? I am sorry to ask, I know english is not your native langauge, but I am looking forward to this being available for me to use. thanks

    • Vincent Decorges

      Since version 1.02 the html files generate by adadoc are in english. But the manual, the developer documentation and the install script for the linux binary are still in french. We curently have no time to do the translation...

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Have you already considered to contact a language school that teaches Translation of Technical literature ?
      I can imagine that an AdaDoc documentation translation to English might be an interesting practicum project for a class; and it would help taking away the pressure yor non-French users are putting on you (the AdaDoc authors).
      There are for sure many such schools; see e.g. http://www.fim.musin.de (this site is, however, written mostly in German).
      Monika Slapeta (monika@camelot.de)

    • Jean-Christophe Groult


      As I'm developper and French, I could translate the documentation (even it's really boring). But it'd be better if someone could read/correct the translation.

      • Vincent Decorges

        Merci mais en faite je viens de finir de traduire le manuel utilisateur et le manuel pour crire les modules de sorties pour la version 2 est presque fini aussi...

        • Jean-Christophe Groult

          OK. Pour une prochaine fois alors.

    • Nobody/Anonymous

      Je ne comprend pas le francais!!


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