#29 Rule "usage" does not report actual subprograms called by an instantiation

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I execute:
*adactl -r -d -F CSVX -v -f rules.aru m_main.adb*

The problem is adacontrol says me Q_1.P_1 isn't executed but it is
called from a procedure instantiation.
*q_1.ads;4;13;Error;SR358_07;USAGE;"(normal) Q_1.P_1, visible,
procedure, not called, not accessed"*

I have been debugging and the problem is in rules-usage.adb.

In this file you try to get instantiated body fot this procedure
instantiation but corresponding_body return nil_element:
*Instantiated_Body : constant Asis.Declaration :=
Corresponding_Body&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps;&nbps; (Instantiation);*

I think corresponding_body returns nil because this body isn't in asis
context but I'm not sure.
For this reason I don't know if the problem is in ASIS or Adacontrol.

Where is the problem, in ASIS or Adacontrol?


  • Jean-Pierre Rosen

  • Jean-Pierre Rosen

    Reproduced with Gnat GPL2011, Corresponding_Body should not return a Nil_Element.

  • Jean-Pierre Rosen

    NOT reproduced with GnatPro 7.0.1; apparently fixed in recent ASIS.
    Waiting for GPL2012...

  • Jean-Pierre Rosen

    Reopened to remember to check with GPL2012

  • Jean-Pierre Rosen

    With GnatPRO 7.0.1: sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Hard to reduce and
    reproduce systematically.

    Same behaviour with GPL 2012. Will need to ultimately make a convincing example and report to AdaCore, but not worth delaying the public release of AdaControl.

  • Jean-Pierre Rosen

    • status: acknowledged --> fixed
    • Group: --> Next Release
    • Reproducibility: always --> Always
    • fixed_in_version: --> 1.17r3
  • Jean-Pierre Rosen

    GPL2015: still same behaviour, but the problem does not show with Asistant, so it's hard to report to AdaCore.
    Found a workaround, so closing this ticket as "fixed".



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