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ai_19_9_1 released

added basic flags on some world locations (palace or forts) to represent future unit movement, these may be "moved" by click on flag, click on destination, see read me for more info.
updated moon graphics per paper_wad's graphics

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2010-04-21

ai_19_8_9 released

turned off cursor, (leaving windows cursor).
adjusted mouse clicks selection.
further work on town population selection:
turned off workplace/click view, this was causing crashes in the movement of workers from industry to industry. will go back to this later.
icons can now be selected and moved to new workplace. However certain restrictions apply, e.g. factories can only be maned by commuting workers from its town, and not from another town;
workers can only go to locations of the same alliance.

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-04-04

ai_19_8_8 released

adjusted mouse click instruction
corrected several bugs in town select
added further graphics of paper_wad
added gold resource

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-04-01

ai_19_8_7 released

important note: changed mode of control...
see readme.txt file

adjusted icons with paper_wad's graphics

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-30

ai_19_8_6 released

added Paper_Wad's icon graphics:
Population templates - factory, unemployed, farm, university, military arms/vehicle, government, mine, well
resource templates - Gems/hyperspace fuel, radioactive, chemical
Added "Paper Wad" to planet names (the temporary credits)
corrected miner bug that opened city's population icons when entering a planet
icon of population is now pass to cursor when clicked upon. this is the basic first part of population manipulation.

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-27

ai_19_8_5 released

updated graphics with er-no's desert package
added ruins.
adjusted road finder:
changed code of structures that can not find town (eg disconnected by water), so that they now connect properly to other separate structures.

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-25

ai_19_8_4 released

connected various structures to roads (factories etc)
added faction distinctions for
assigned buildings to home worlds
assigned town alignment to the said factions
factions may be viewed (border to icons)by clicking on the town of the said colors home worlds. each side owns and starts with 2/5 of their home worlds towns.
corrected bug of 0,0 structure on worlds (structure that occasionally appeared on sea hexes.
increased star field on galactic map ... read more

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-22

ai_19_8_3 released

adjusted town icons to show all town icons if a town is clicked on
adjusted town size (from 4 popu to 3).
Note, size of towns may be adjusted in the input.txt file (workers: 3)
adjusted location of icons.
note, hopefully the icons will one day be replaced by small sprite figures representing townsfolk (each wearing the costume of his/her trade)

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-21

ai_19_8_2 released

added town population/workplace for:
factory/electronics plant/chemical plant/steel plant,
adjusted mines to include distinction with wells
allowed click on workplace to bring up town list of workers
adjusted code to allow icons to continue being displayed when town is clicked off.
adjusted code to stop:
factory smoke,
steel plant smoke,
well fire, and
offshore well fire -
animations if no workers are present.
However, on a sub note, given the amount of town hexes in the game so far, it is difficult to find nonoperative industry. still they do exist.
the result of the town workers icons may seem simple, but was a real head ache to program.

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-20

ai_19_8 released

added generation time bar grafix and code
adjusted code of nodes going from planet to planet
space nodes still cause game to crash when they reach the end of their cycle....but their ltime lime to reaching this point has been drasticaly the point that this is not realy a problem.
adjusted road linking to greater finding
added basic town popu (click on town)
added basic employment routine:
linked workers to farms
linked workers to mines and wells
added icon population grafix (very basic)
adjusted code to have icon at workplace
white icon stands for unemployed
icons are not yet usable... read more

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-19

ai_19_7 released

connected towns to each other by road
added two extra road hexs to road direction

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-08

ai_19_6 released

adjusted road graphics
added code to connect farms to towns with roads
added routine to make roads try to avoid rivers

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-06

ai_19_5 released

added new form of code for temp trees,
now tree on plain tile,
tree on swamp tile,
tree on hill tile.
adjusted code to allow river + road + trees.
added new graphics for temp trees x 5.
added code to connect mines with roads to towns.
adjusted code of desert worlds to allow roads across sand seas.

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-06

ai_19_2 released

road graphics adjusted
road code adjusted, code now bug free
road code includes a fast path finder (sets of pointers to virtual structures, see road.h) . This code is also the first part of unit movement (getting there!).
road code added to connect fort to closest town
(just to test...later towns will connect to each other)
adjusted graphics thanks to er-no:
desert hill
desert plain
adjusted graphics (dunes) to integrate er-no's graphics.
added graphics: plain oasisx5, oasis forestx5
added code to oasis to generate forests
added code to oasis to use separate plains.
adjusted hills on oasis to be dunes.
adjusted hill graphics on temp worlds.
other code adjustments, including debugging a memory leak in various nodes.
added er-no to temporary credits (planet names).... read more

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-03-05

ai_19_1 released

adjusted resource generation
added chemical and Hyper-Steel resourses (exotic-lava worlds)
added road graphics, but code of path finding is not yet ready, a few bugs, so no roads yet.
added desert-oasis world
added desert-dune world
added new graphics for desert worlds
added extra graphic plates for later desert world graphic adjustments.
other small adjustments.

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-02-25

ai_19 released

added lava & exotic coast
improved lava grafix and rivers
removed water world
added swamp world
added swamp terrain
added swamp graphics
turned off debuger txt write
other adjustments

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-02-11

ai_18 released

adjusted ice world graphics, added coasts, icebergs.
added further ice world hills.
adjusted farm enclosure graphics.
added planet atmospheres. Added graphics for atmosphere of temp, lava, jungle, desert, and ice worlds.
added planet star field.
added code to twinkle star fields (not yet properly adapted in galactic map, only twinkles if scrolling)
added moon world objects: nebula and Gas giant on horizon. ... read more

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-01-17

ai_17 released

corrected debug file input txt (was continuously growing)
added "page up" and "page down" keys for scrolling (an option to mouse wheel)
added new nebula grafix, added in input file
added lab, university, and enclosed farm grafix
incorporated lab, university, and enclosed farm.
adjusted generation of towns to incorporate lab, university, and enclosed farm.
added desert world coast grafix
added desert world river grafix
changed desert world plain grafix
adjusted desert world generation of land.
other miner changes.

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2008-01-13

ai_16 released

reorganized files. cleaned up locations of graphics into files.

added gas giant (decoration)

added home world locations.
added guild world locations.
added alien start world location.

added capital world location (center)
added basic generation of Capital world surface.

added naming txt files for planets (planets that are unnamed will be randomly generated)

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2007-12-02

ai_15 released

added coasts
added star port
added fort
added barracks
added deep sea

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2007-11-05

ai_14 released

added town, mount, hill subsections x 10
added new town graphic
added new mount graphic
adjusted title screen
adjusted palace graphics, and others

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2007-11-02

ai_13 released

added animation timer in code
added sea animations
added factory animation
added well animation
added animation graphics for sea, well, factory and steel plant

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2007-10-30

ai_12 released

adjusted graphics:
farm land,
exotic world sea,
ice world land, hills and mountains
adjusted city generation
flattened land under farms

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2007-10-28


added mines
added wells
added offshore platforms
add graphics for mines, wells, offshore platforms
added generation for mine structures
adjusted farm graphic placement
adjusted code to adapt structures in forests

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2007-10-27


added 16 or 32 bit graphic option
added towns
added factories, electronic plants, chemical plants, steel plants, churches, palaces, farms. farm land
added city generation on breathable worlds
adjusted resource graphic.
adjusted title screen graphics

Posted by BrodieBrodie 2007-10-25