Well, I got some news about that...
Yesterday night it crashed badly, but I was running the console. I was in the hurry to reboot the system, so I could not take time to copy by hand the full kernel ooops (full screen, and I guess more). Anyway, the callstack was showing acxpci_i_interrupt on top, called by various irq* related stuff, but originating from the sbp2 (ieee1394 mass storage driver) module. Now i'm starting to wonder.
I have an extensive use of ieee1394 : I have my root on a sbp2 drive, I live on them, I *have* to trust them. But did anyone notice strange reaction while mixing acxpci and sbp2 ?
I could not see a particular reason for these modules to bother each other. The only stuff I'd have in mind would be around (soft)irq handling...
Have any clue ?
Are there some assertions in acx about the cpu speed/load for irq handling ?
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