Hello all,
I have quite a strange problem with my wifi gateway box these days : it can run at full load for days, but sometimes, not necessarily idle or busy, it will just hang while I switch on my laptop. When the laptop (running a wg511 pcmcia, so it is not the heart of this topic), tries to connect to my (wifi master) gateway, the gateway just frees. Nothing in dmesg, no oops, nothing.
It may be a hardware problem, because it has been fed with hasardous voltages on last update.
But my question is : how can I be shure ? How can I assert that my wifi pci card is not responsible for hanging my whole system ?
Did someone of you ever try to build up a full test suite, testing all wifi functionnalities, at full load, or not, which would (un-) validate a not-so-trustable piece of hardware ?
Do you think i'd better try to test the card 'from-the-outside', trying to send random stuff over-the-air using another host ?
Please enlight me,