Paul Warren wrote:
subbu wrote:

I have D-Link 520+ wireless card and it is also working fine. You can
include this one if no one complains about it.

I couldn't find problems in operating this card. If anybody know
problems about this card please reply back.



I also have a D-Link g520+, it doesn't seem to work reliably.  ubuntu,
I don't know about D-Link g520+. But i am using the card D-Link 520+ card  shown in

It is a 22Mbps card. And I am using Debian(sarge) and i don't have any trouble on boot .
I am able to configure my network by using DHCP server also. But i haven't checked the automatic association
to an access point when you move towards another one as it is PCI card. But it is selecting the best access points
available within its range and there are at least 8 access points within the vicinity of the card. If we both are using
the same card then you should be able to get it also.

debian, and gentoo all have trouble configuring the driver on boot, and
I manually have to do:

iwconfig wlan0 mode managed
iwconfig wlan0 essid Waza_
iwconfig wlan0 key KEY_IN_HEX open
ifconfig wlan0 up
dhcpcd -d wlan0

for it to work.

Then, after ~6hours of 30-40k downloads, the card stops working and I
have to rmmod, modprobe and then do the above again.

Other than those two issues, it works well, WEP works.  But I'm still
using ndiswrapper mostly, because it _just works_ add ndiswrapper to
/etc/modules, and ubuntu takes care of the rest.