#6 Master mode support (AP mode)

Gaurav Shah

I hv succesfully installed the Dlink DWL 520+ on MDK9.1.
However I couldent set the mode at *"MASTER"* by
using 'iwconfig'. It only supports two modes currently
1) Ad-hoc
2) Managed

Could u please add Master mode support ???? That
would be really great.

I am working on an embedded system which will convert
any x86 PC into an Access Point. And for my project i
need the master mode functionality,infact my project
cannot proceed without it. So would like to see the
master mode functionality asap. Thanks in advance.


  • Andreas Mohr

    Andreas Mohr - 2004-02-04

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    Ermm, duplicate report!! Anyway, since the other one was
    anonymous, I'll close the other one.
    Well, I'm afraid we don't really have plans to add AP mode
    right now.
    That might take quite some more time. Unless you start to do
    it, that is... ;-)
    (I would offer to help then)
    Also, I'm not sure whether it's the direction we'd like to
    take (we need
    a UNIFIED Linux 802.11 framework, then that kind of stuff
    wouldn't matter anyway...). IOW, we should try to work
    towards implementing a Linux framework instead of endlessly
    repeating code work always separately done by other projects

  • Andreas Mohr

    Andreas Mohr - 2004-03-04

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    I just enabled our driver to set Master mode (it's simply
    that setting the mode was not implemented, but in fact the
    driver already contains a lot of Master support code).
    Note that I expect the Master mode code to be quite
    unstable/unusable, so one would have to fix some stuff.
    I also plan to test Master mode functionality further soon.

  • Andreas Mohr

    Andreas Mohr - 2004-03-22

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    case WLAN_FSTYPE_PROBEREQ /* 0x04 */ :
    if (priv->macmode == ACX_MODE_3_MANAGED_AP) {
    acxlog(L_ASSOC, "FIXME: since we're
    supposed to be an AP
    , we need to return a Probe Response packet!\n");

    needs implementing roughly according to WLAN_FSTYPE_ASSOCREQ

  • Gaurav Shah

    Gaurav Shah - 2004-03-22

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    Can you please tell me how exactly to implement the master
    which are the steps that I should follow to set it up in the
    master(AP) mode?
    can I set the mode by using following command
    #iwconfig eth1 mode master

  • Robert Tseu

    Robert Tseu - 2004-03-27

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    Hey Andreas,

    By UNIFIED Linux 802.11 framework do u mean that the AP functions would
    not be implemented in the driver but at a higher level?

    I guess u mean don't hold your breath huh.

    Well I would offer to help but I couldn't program my way out of a wet paper bag

  • Oliver Winker

    Oliver Winker - 2011-07-07
    • status: open --> closed