#14 WEP support acx111


Is there any chance of enabling WEP support for the
DWL-650+ card anytime soon? That would be really
great!!! If so could someone let me know when on

thanks a million, M


  • Anonymous - 2004-11-13

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    I would like to second this request. It works fine without
    WEP, but I'd like to be secure ;)

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    3rding this one, my neighbors keep breaking into my network,
    have had to set up a VPN

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    PS: I would love to help out with this one, I have two of
    these cards and basic C++ knowhow. If you could just point
    me in the right direction I would have a play with it myself
    and see what I can figure out. I am not a complete noob
    when it comes to the technical stuff, i have extensive
    knowleadge of win32 based programming in Delphi, C++ and
    C# but never driver development.


  • Peter A. Henning

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    I fully support this feature request. Apparently development
    work is done by one person now, I've had contacts with him
    since he is at a university close to mine. Maybe I can
    motivate him pu put the load on more shoulders.

  • Matt

    Matt - 2005-01-31

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    from the last changelog:

    >> I won't do further development for some smaller amount of

    I'm thinking this guy could do with a hand! I bet writing
    these drivers without help from the manufacturer is not an
    easy job.

    Does anyone who has supported this feature request have the
    time/ability to help him out? I sadly know nothing about

  • Anonymous - 2005-02-01

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    I recently found out that all acx100 and acx111-based cards
    fall under an OEM license of the Linuxant Driverloader
    (www.linuxant.com)... you can install and use the
    DriverLoader for free. This is what I am doing right now.

  • Anonymous - 2005-02-01

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    yes, I am aware of that article. however, when you use a
    computer for your business you just need your network to
    work. with WEP. I've waited for a long time as it was said
    that WEP was next on the TODO list. But I just couldn't wait
    anymore. I just needed for my network to work correctly. And
    so I ended up going for linuxant. Instead of all kinds of
    problems that I don't have the knowledge of tracking, I just
    installed and it worked...

    If this driver will ever function well, I might go back to
    it, because I of course prefer a native linux solution. But
    for now, Linuxant is the way to go for me.

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    I'm using ndiswrapper for the time being, but I'll go back to this native
    solution as soon as it supports WEP...

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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    WEP is working on acx111 as of pf51

  • Andreas Mohr

    Andreas Mohr - 2005-04-14
    • status: open --> closed
  • Andreas Mohr

    Andreas Mohr - 2005-04-14

    Logged In: YES

    Oh, right, thanks!

  • Nobody/Anonymous

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