Is TNETW1350A support in progress?

Qier LU
  • Qier LU

    Qier LU - 2010-07-08

    Hi all,  I am using a adsl box (PSB 7200) with tnetw1350a wifi chip on it. I have tried to run it with OpenWrt, every thing is OK, but the wif and usb could not work.
    I received the following line:

    acx: this driver is still EXPERIMENTAL
    acx: reading README file and/or Craig's HOWTO is recommended, visit in case of further questions/discussn
    acx: compiled to use 32bit I/O access. I/O timing issues might occur, such as non-working firmware upload. Report them
    acx: running on a little-endian CPU
    acx: PCI/VLYNQ module v0.3.37 initialized, waiting for cards to probe...
    Driver found for VLYNQ device: 00000029
    acx: found TI TNETW1350-based wireless network card at <NULL>, irq:80, phymem:0x4000000, mem:0xa4000000
    initial debug setting is 0x000A
    using IRQ 80
    acx: eCPU is already running. reset_dev() FAILED
    registered device TI Avalanche SAR
    Ohio250(7200/7100A2) detected
    requesting firmware image "ar0700xx.bin"
     avsar: firmware: requesting ar0700xx.bin

    Any one have ideas?

  • Oliver Winker

    Oliver Winker - 2010-07-08

    Hello lvqier,

    Your are probably trying the old acx driver.

    Could you try the acx-mac80211 version of the git mac80211-mem branch (see ) ?

    The OpenWrt trunk also contains an acx-mac80211 package (see ), which uses the code of this branch. In the Makefile you can easily change to a recent commit. Current commit in repo is 47e8758c.

    I'm running this code with OpenWRT trunk on a WAG54G and DG834Gv2, both TNETW1130. It's under development, but 1350 support is at least configured in the vlynq part, so there might be chance it already works.

    For what router model and version is it exactly ?

    git://, branch mac80211-mem

    Cheers, Oliver

    Next week I'll only have limited internet access, so in case there might be some delay in response.

  • Qier LU

    Qier LU - 2010-07-09

    Thanks, Oliver
    I will try your advise on weekend.

    The router I'm using is ZXV H608B v2 which OEMed by China Telecom.
    It is an ADSL box with hardware below:
    CPU: PSB 7200
    RAM: 32M
    Flash: 16M (14 mtd blocks, some are used to back up the OS)
    Wifi: TNETW1350A
    USB Host: ISP1160/01 (It have 2 USB slots.)
    Switch: ADM9669

    BootLoader is ADAM2 and the OEMed Linux kernel is 2.4.17

  • Andreas Mohr

    Andreas Mohr - 2010-07-09

    Wow, what a very nice hardware, lots of reasons to try to make it work on OpenWrt. :)

    Note that TNETW1350A is of course slightly newer, thus it might be very advisable to go via the existing new Android-originated driver in the kernel, since it should almost support this chipset as well, and especially since our driver is doomed from a legal point of view.
    I unfortunately failed to realize early enough that the new Android driver has shockingly similar amount of support code - despite supporting a newer chipset generation -, thus I could not advise Oliver in time to go via development of that driver instead of getting burnt in a legal sense by doing lots of very nice work on ours (or, IOW, it would have been much better to spend further development on the legally cleared mainline driver instead of doing lots of work on our driver with legal issues).

    So if you feel experimental enough, try to make the mainline-based driver do something, and TRY TO AVOID directly working with our driver in case your work on the kernel driver is promising.

  • Oliver Winker

    Oliver Winker - 2010-07-09


    Ok, then we should check this possibility of the Android driver in more detail. And in the meanwhile maybe deactivate support for the newer chips (TNETW1350..+, if anyway working), so that only the old one's (TNETW1100,1130) remain, for which also the previous driver was there already.

    And then work also on the clarification of the open legal question, maybe also in the light of the other similar drivers.

    So for TNETW1350, it's better to have a look at the Android driver.


  • Qier LU

    Qier LU - 2010-07-24

    First, thank you.
    I have tried the acx-mac80211 driver in the openwrt trunk from
    The driver failed to work again. This time I received boot message:

    Registered led device: status                                                                                                 
    vlynq0: regs 0x08611800, irq 29, mem 0x04000000                                                                               
    Found a VLYNQ device: 00000029                                                                                                
    TCP westwood registered
    acx: this driver is still EXPERIMENTAL                                                                                        
    acx: please read the README file and/or go to for further information                      
    acx: compiled to use 32bit I/O access. I/O timing issues might occur, such as non-working firmware upload. Report them        
    acx: running on a little-endian CPU                                                                                           
     PCI/VLYNQ module v0.5.0 initialized, waiting for cards to probe...                                                           
    Driver found for VLYNQ device: 00000029                                                                                       
    acx: found TI TNETW1350-based wireless network card at vlynq0, irq:80, phymem:0x4000000, mem:0xa4000000                       
    acx: the initial debug setting is 0x000A                                                                                      
    acx: using IRQ 80                                                                                                             
    acx: acx: eCPU is already running. reset_dev() FAILED                                                                         
    registered device TI Avalanche SAR

    After read the acx source code from git://
    I think "acx: acx: eCPU is already running. reset_dev() FAILED" caused by wrong reg address:

    ecpu_ctrl = read_reg16(adev, IO_ACX_ECPU_CTRL) & 1;
        if (!ecpu_ctrl) {
            msg = "acx: eCPU is already running. ";
            goto end_unlock;

    What's more, I write a email to the ti technical support, but they reply me that the tnetw1350a is a very old wifi chip for OEM solutions, and they refuse to answer anything about this chip.

  • Qier LU

    Qier LU - 2010-07-24

    There is another bad news, that I can't remove the acx_mac80211 module. When executing "rmmod acx_mac80211", I received a segmentation fault:

    root@OpenWrt:/# rmmod acx_mac80211                                                                                            
    CPU 0 Unable to handle kernel paging request at virtual address 0000002c, epc == 95feb434, ra == 95feb428                     
    Cpu 0                                                                                                                         
    $ 0   : 00000000 10008400 00000000 00000007                                                                                   
    $ 4   : 95c7b6c0 00000004 95c7b6c0 ffffffff                                                                                   
    $ 8   : 00000001 00000452 00000022 fffffff0                                                                                   
    $12   : 0000002d 7f8a95a4 0000003f 0040e020                                                                                   
    $16   : 00000000 95ff28b0 95c7b680 95ff0000                                                                                   
    $20   : 95c7b6c0 94380000 00407dd8 00000002                                                                                   
    $24   : 00000057 2ab16c80                                                                                                     
    $28   : 95dfa000 95dfbe00 00480000 95feb428                                                                                   
    Hi    : 00000001                                                                                                              
    Lo    : 18c631aa                                                                                                              
    epc   : 95feb434 0x95feb434                                                                                                   
        Not tainted                                                                                                               
    ra    : 95feb428 0x95feb428                                                                                                   
    Status: 10008403    KERNEL EXL IE                                                                                             
    Cause : 90800008                                                                                                              
    BadVA : 0000002c                                                                                                              
    PrId  : 00018448 (MIPS 4KEc)                                                                                                  
    Modules linked in: tiatm acx_mac80211(-) nf_nat_tftp nf_conntrack_tftp nf_nat_irc nf_conntrack_irc nf_nat_ftp nf_conntrack_ftc
    Process rmmod (pid: 866, threadinfo=95dfa000, task=95c4f550, tls=00000000)                                                    
    Stack : 95dfbed4 94380000 00407dd8 00000002 95c7b6c0 95ff28b0 95c7b6c0 95ff28b0                                               
            95ff28b0 95ff2a5c 95dfbed4 94283340 00000000 00000001 00000000 95ff28b0                                               
            95ff28b0 9425db9c 95c7b6c0 9425a36c 95ff28b0 94334044 95e67834 95c7b6c0                                               
            95c7b6f4 9425dc64 00100100 00200200 95ce6534 95c4f550 00000000 95ff28b0                                               
            94388fc0 9425cbec 943b5000 94180ee0 00000000 00030002 95ff0000 00000480                                               
    Call Trace:[<94283340>] 0x94283340                                                                                            
    [<9425db9c>] 0x9425db9c                                                                                                       
    [<9425a36c>] 0x9425a36c                                                                                                       
    [<94334044>] 0x94334044                                                                                                       
    [<9425dc64>] 0x9425dc64                                                                                                       
    [<9425cbec>] 0x9425cbec                                                                                                       
    [<94180ee0>] 0x94180ee0                                                                                                       
    [<95fe0200>] 0x95fe0200                                                                                                       
    [<9415178c>] 0x9415178c                                                                                                       
    [<941a1f88>] 0x941a1f88                                                                                                       
    [<94101e10>] 0x94101e10                                                                                                       
    Code: 00408021  8e6225e0  30420020 <10400004> 8e11002c  3c0495ff  0d7f812d  2484c2c8  1600000a                                
    Disabling lock debugging due to kernel taint                                                                                  
    Segmentation fault


  • Qier LU

    Qier LU - 2010-08-01

    I have tried to print the non zero  regs at address before the acx-mac80211 run at "eCPU is already running".
    Here is the reg data:

            reg[166 (0x00A6)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                        
            reg[168 (0x00A8)]=320 (0x0140)                                          
            reg[183 (0x00B7)]=512 (0x0200)                                          
            reg[762 (0x02FA)]=3 (0x0003)                                            
            reg[885 (0x0375)]=43 (0x002B)                                           
            reg[1386 (0x056A)]=2048 (0x0800)                                        
            reg[1710 (0x06AE)]=2048 (0x0800)                                        
            reg[1803 (0x070B)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                       
            reg[1807 (0x070F)]=51817 (0xCA69)                                       
            reg[1821 (0x071D)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                       
            reg[1828 (0x0724)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                       
            reg[1841 (0x0731)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                       
            reg[1852 (0x073C)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                       
            reg[1878 (0x0756)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                       
            reg[1931 (0x078B)]=3 (0x0003)                                           
            reg[2000 (0x07D0)]=2048 (0x0800)                                        
            reg[2418 (0x0972)]=6656 (0x1A00)                                        
            reg[2522 (0x09DA)]=62464 (0xF400)                                       
            reg[2775 (0x0AD7)]=3 (0x0003)                                           
            reg[2922 (0x0B6A)]=768 (0x0300)                                         
            reg[3111 (0x0C27)]=43 (0x002B)                                          
            reg[3757 (0x0EAD)]=768 (0x0300)                                         
            reg[4119 (0x1017)]=4 (0x0004)                                           
            reg[4139 (0x102B)]=3 (0x0003)                                           
            reg[5007 (0x138F)]=2048 (0x0800)                                        
            reg[5312 (0x14C0)]=202 (0x00CA)                                         
            reg[5585 (0x15D1)]=2048 (0x0800)                                        
            reg[5674 (0x162A)]=768 (0x0300)                                         
            reg[5697 (0x1641)]=62464 (0xF400)                                       
            reg[5698 (0x1642)]=79 (0x004F)                                          
            reg[5739 (0x166B)]=3 (0x0003)                                           
            reg[5808 (0x16B0)]=255 (0x00FF)                                         
            reg[5870 (0x16EE)]=56320 (0xDC00)                                       
            reg[5978 (0x175A)]=3 (0x0003)                                           
            reg[6234 (0x185A)]=3 (0x0003)                                           
            reg[7105 (0x1BC1)]=255 (0x00FF)                                         
            reg[7612 (0x1DBC)]=768 (0x0300)                                         
            reg[7804 (0x1E7C)]=26 (0x001A)                                          
            reg[7812 (0x1E84)]=26 (0x001A)                                          
            reg[7827 (0x1E93)]=3 (0x0003)                                           
            reg[8935 (0x22E7)]=3 (0x0003)                                           
            reg[9057 (0x2361)]=65280 (0xFF00)                                       
            reg[9349 (0x2485)]=255 (0x00FF)                                         
            reg[10062 (0x274E)]=79 (0x004F)                                         
            reg[10091 (0x276B)]=3087 (0x0C0F)                                       
            reg[10658 (0x29A2)]=255 (0x00FF)                                        
            reg[10687 (0x29BF)]=255 (0x00FF)                                        
            reg[11154 (0x2B92)]=255 (0x00FF)                                        
            reg[11612 (0x2D5C)]=43 (0x002B)                                         
            reg[12327 (0x3027)]=2048 (0x0800)                                       
            reg[12682 (0x318A)]=3 (0x0003)                                          
            reg[12694 (0x3196)]=3 (0x0003)                                          
            reg[12706 (0x31A2)]=3 (0x0003)                                          
            reg[12722 (0x31B2)]=3 (0x0003)                                          
            reg[12906 (0x326A)]=65280 (0xFF00)                                      
            reg[13142 (0x3356)]=3 (0x0003)                                          
            reg[13180 (0x337C)]=256 (0x0100)                                        
            reg[13222 (0x33A6)]=3 (0x0003)                                          
            reg[13260 (0x33CC)]=256 (0x0100)                                        
            reg[13263 (0x33CF)]=400 (0x0190)                                        
            reg[13267 (0x33D3)]=400 (0x0190)                                        
            reg[13362 (0x3432)]=12079 (0x2F2F)                                      
            reg[13833 (0x3609)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[13853 (0x361D)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[13889 (0x3641)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[13901 (0x364D)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[13915 (0x365B)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[13925 (0x3665)]=320 (0x0140)                                        
            reg[13930 (0x366A)]=4096 (0x1000)                                       
            reg[13935 (0x366F)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[13936 (0x3670)]=40 (0x0028)                                         
            reg[13967 (0x368F)]=255 (0x00FF)                                        
            reg[13977 (0x3699)]=255 (0x00FF)                                        
            reg[14101 (0x3715)]=200 (0x00C8)                                        
            reg[14109 (0x371D)]=1280 (0x0500)                                       
            reg[14121 (0x3729)]=512 (0x0200)                                        
            reg[14387 (0x3833)]=255 (0x00FF)                                        
            reg[14408 (0x3848)]=65280 (0xFF00)                                      
            reg[14535 (0x38C7)]=255 (0x00FF)                                        
            reg[14545 (0x38D1)]=15 (0x000F)                                         
            reg[14556 (0x38DC)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[15816 (0x3DC8)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[15837 (0x3DDD)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[15860 (0x3DF4)]=3856 (0x0F10)                                       
            reg[15861 (0x3DF5)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[15908 (0x3E24)]=10241 (0x2801)                                      
            reg[16008 (0x3E88)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16034 (0x3EA2)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16107 (0x3EEB)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[16236 (0x3F6C)]=43 (0x002B)                                         
            reg[16315 (0x3FBB)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16333 (0x3FCD)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16341 (0x3FD5)]=256 (0x0100)                                        
            reg[16428 (0x402C)]=256 (0x0100)                                        
            reg[16438 (0x4036)]=1 (0x0001)                                          
            reg[16446 (0x403E)]=1 (0x0001)                                          
            reg[16467 (0x4053)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[16472 (0x4058)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16478 (0x405E)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16484 (0x4064)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16490 (0x406A)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16496 (0x4070)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16502 (0x4076)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16508 (0x407C)]=1 (0x0001)                                          
            reg[16514 (0x4082)]=1 (0x0001)                                          
            reg[16531 (0x4093)]=16384 (0x4000)                                      
            reg[16536 (0x4098)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16544 (0x40A0)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16552 (0x40A8)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16560 (0x40B0)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16568 (0x40B8)]=256 (0x0100)                                        
            reg[16576 (0x40C0)]=256 (0x0100)                                        
            reg[16602 (0x40DA)]=64 (0x0040)                                         
            reg[16642 (0x4102)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16644 (0x4104)]=3856 (0x0F10)                                       
            reg[16663 (0x4117)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16665 (0x4119)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16675 (0x4123)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16677 (0x4125)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[16806 (0x41A6)]=1536 (0x0600)                                       
            reg[17619 (0x44D3)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17621 (0x44D5)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17623 (0x44D7)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17625 (0x44D9)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17627 (0x44DB)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17629 (0x44DD)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17631 (0x44DF)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17639 (0x44E7)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17651 (0x44F3)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17653 (0x44F5)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17655 (0x44F7)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17667 (0x4503)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17669 (0x4505)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17677 (0x450D)]=1 (0x0001)                                          
            reg[17685 (0x4515)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17687 (0x4517)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17689 (0x4519)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17691 (0x451B)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17695 (0x451F)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17701 (0x4525)]=32768 (0x8000)                                      
            reg[17707 (0x452B)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17709 (0x452D)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17711 (0x452F)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17713 (0x4531)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17715 (0x4533)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17717 (0x4535)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17719 (0x4537)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17721 (0x4539)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17723 (0x453B)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17725 (0x453D)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17727 (0x453F)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17729 (0x4541)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17731 (0x4543)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17733 (0x4545)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17744 (0x4550)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[17768 (0x4568)]=200 (0x00C8)                                        
            reg[17776 (0x4570)]=1280 (0x0500)                                       
            reg[17897 (0x45E9)]=1536 (0x0600)                                       
            reg[17899 (0x45EB)]=1536 (0x0600)                                       
            reg[17956 (0x4624)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18060 (0x468C)]=384 (0x0180)                                        
            reg[18086 (0x46A6)]=64 (0x0040)                                         
            reg[18164 (0x46F4)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[18165 (0x46F5)]=16128 (0x3F00)                                      
            reg[18166 (0x46F6)]=16128 (0x3F00)                                      
            reg[18401 (0x47E1)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18407 (0x47E7)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18473 (0x4829)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18479 (0x482F)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18485 (0x4835)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18491 (0x483B)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18497 (0x4841)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18503 (0x4847)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18509 (0x484D)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18515 (0x4853)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18521 (0x4859)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18681 (0x48F9)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[18684 (0x48FC)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[18702 (0x490E)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18818 (0x4982)]=518 (0x0206)                                        
            reg[18961 (0x4A11)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[18962 (0x4A12)]=65535 (0xFFFF)                                      
            reg[18963 (0x4A13)]=255 (0x00FF)                                        
            reg[18965 (0x4A15)]=1160 (0x0488)                                       
            reg[18966 (0x4A16)]=10241 (0x2801)                                      
            reg[18967 (0x4A17)]=40 (0x0028)                                         
            reg[19004 (0x4A3C)]=508 (0x01FC)                                        
            reg[19033 (0x4A59)]=517 (0x0205)                                        
            reg[19034 (0x4A5A)]=1 (0x0001)
  • Oliver Winker

    Oliver Winker - 2010-08-02

    Hello lvqier,

    Thanks a lot for trying this out. Unfortunately this basically means, that the TNETW1350 is not supported by this driver. And as suggested above, it would possibly be better to see this with the Android driver. In this driver we'll probably remove the device id, so that the driver also doesn't claim it anymore.

    Anyhow, thanks a lot for having checked this :)!

    Best Regards, Oliver


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