suspend/resume working well!

  • Craig Fields

    Craig Fields - 2004-09-25

    Wow, this really rocks!  With fixes_32 and kernel (apm) suspend/resume works really well w/both acx111/100 cards, nice job guys!

    • Andreas Mohr

      Andreas Mohr - 2004-09-26

      Nice to hear that it works for you!

      Power management works for me since pf2:
      (quoting ChangeLog.txt)

      BTW, I've found some more issues with ring buffer resetting and card recalibration, I will release a new file today with more fixes for higher reliability.

    • Craig Fields

      Craig Fields - 2004-09-26

      Yeah, I saw the blurb in the changelog at the time and I was happy for you ;) but it hasn't worked as happily for me until I went to kernel and pf_32, this is sweet, the connection comes right back, even after being off all night, for both acx100/acx111 (had to hack probe.c to get it to quit "ignoring" my acx111 card).

      By the way, I noticed that w/ I was once again able to use ad-hoc (and up to 128bit wep) mode w/my dwl-120+ usb adapter (still have to use pf_6 though)


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