D-Link DWL-G650+ with D-Link DSL-G604T in FC6

  • mtim

    mtim - 2007-06-07

    Hi, I have installed the latest FC6 kernel (i586) and driver for acx111. The card and driver seems to be installed correctly but I still can't connect to my wireless accesspoint. I can see the signal strength and router MAC address using iwconfig, but still can't ping or connect to anything. I have tried with and without encryption keys and with and without constant IP address (DHCP server running or not in the router). I believe there is nothing wrong in my hardware or drivers, just the configuration of my pcmcia card is messed up.

    How do I need to configure my card? My accesspoint uses hidden ESSID, MAC filtering, NAT (the computer name and IP address are fixed) and 64bit WEP encryption (Hex format). Do I need to worry about RTS thresholds, broadcast addresses (ifconfig) etc?

    Ps. If I set my ESSID using iwconfig, the last letter of the given name seems to drop off (when I check the configuration by typing just iwconfig wlan0), but if I give my ESSID with a space or '\0' after the last letter, it shows ok. But is the ESSID now really right or wrong? Has anybody had a similar problem?

    Thanks for your answers

    • Joachim Frieben

      Joachim Frieben - 2007-07-17

      I had only success with my "DWL-G520+" after setting the data rate to a fixed value supported by the access point. Otherwise ("RATE=auto"), I would see the following error message:

        "wlan0: association FAILED: peer sent Status Code 18 (Assoc denied: requesting STA doesnt support all data rates in basic set)"

      and no association would succeed.


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