Claire D - 2007-10-22

I am not having any luck installing the driver for kernel 2.4.21-50.EL.
I have tried both the acx100-0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_57 and acx-mac80211-vlynq-20071006
For acx100-0.2.0pre8_plus_fixes_57 I lots of errors, beginning with:
"Modules should never use kernel systems headers"
/usr/include/linux/timex.h:173 filed 'times' has incomplete type

It seems weird that it is using /usr/include files instead of /lib/modules ones, even though it is compiling with -I/lib/modules/2.4.21-50.EL/build/include
I tried forcing it with -nostdinc but the errors were the same. gcc is 3.2.3

For acx-mac80211-vlynq-20071006, when I try and do make modules_install I get:
cp cpufreq.o cannot stat cpufreq.o: No such file or directory

Changing kernels is not an option, but any help would be much appreciated.