problems asociating with Access point

  • rajan

    rajan - 2004-09-25


       I am trying to port the driver of this site to a RTOS called VDK.
        Now,my card is able to read the MAC addr of the Access Point but it's not associated yet. I face some problems relating to the timers and interrupts.With regard to that,i've got the following queries

    1)I would like to know the context of 'HOST_INT_TIMER' interrupt.

    a) When is the acx100_set-timer function called after finishing open function and what is its purpose??Is it used for the MAC ack's or something else? Does it ever get called before the 'acx100_up'?

    b) When is 'acx100_timer' function called ?

    2)a) what does INIT_TASK (INIT_WORK) function do?

    b) What does schedule_task(schedule_work)function do?Are they related?

    Can any of the forum members/driver code developers help me please..

    Thanks in Advance,


    • Andreas Mohr

      Andreas Mohr - 2004-09-25

      1) acx_set_timer() modifies mgmt_timer, which by simple grep'ing can be found to get installed in src/acx100.c/acx_up() (installs acx_timer() timer callback)
      The timer mechanism is simply used for state machine delays, i.e. to wait a bit before doing some other operation. It's mainly used for 802.11 communication states.

      We do have a problem with acx_set_timer():
      it sometimes gets called when the card is not up, which it shouldn't. But that's no grave problem either.

      2) Linux 2.6 uses task queues, 2.4 uses worker tasks, thus we need to support both methods
      #define USE_QUEUE_TASKS
      /* #define NEWER_KERNELS_ONLY 1 */
      #define USE_WORKER_TASKS


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