TNETW1350A support

Axel Gembe
  • Axel Gembe

    Axel Gembe - 2007-06-30

    Is anyone working on this, or is there already a way to make it work ? I have a device (VLYNQ over PCI) and I don't really get it to work. With a few hacks I get it to try to upload the firmware but fails at offset 4.

    • Dominic Clifton

      Dominic Clifton - 2007-08-14

      yeah, i would also like to see support for the TNETW1350A is it's used in the T-Com Speedport W701V router which can run openwrt.  This particular router is really nice as it has ADSL built in (which works with OpenWRT!) and it has a generous 8MB flash and 32MB ram.  The only real support missing is for it's WiFi.

    • Jacek2002

      Jacek2002 - 2008-07-05

      I was try v0.3.37 with kernell - build for WAG354V2 - driver hangs system.

      acx: this driver is still EXPERIMENTAL
      acx: running on a little-endian CPU
      acx: PCI/VLYNQ module v0.3.37 initialized, waiting for cards to probe...

         <---- and router stops responding

      Is this know bug ?


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