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  • Jakub Lacki

    Jakub Lacki - 2004-09-26

    which version of the driver is cosiderered to be most stable? is it pre8 or pf32?

    • Andreas Mohr

      Andreas Mohr - 2004-09-26

      pf33 ;-)

      (I will create a pf33 today, which will contain yet another round of important stability fixes)

      pre8 is ooooooold and extremely outdated.
      pfXX are quick-and-dirty tar file versions, simply because I don't have too much time.

    • Krzysztof Dziuba

      Unfortunately pf33 is not stable at all (31 and 32 too).

      Kernel: 2.4.26 + P-O-M, DWL-520+ card:
      - transmit time-out messages after 3 minutes after running start_net script
      - unloading module causes OOPS.

      Sorry, I can't provide log because I have to have stable router. For me stability of this driver finished at pf30.

    • Michal Niezborala

      I must disagree. For me pf3x (especially 32 and 33) worked(and work) really nice. I may risk an opinion that those are the best versions so far. // (kern, dwl-g520+)

    • Michal Prusko

      Michal Prusko - 2004-09-28

      For me fix 3x are not so good, too. I think that recently there is situation where acx-users are divided into two groups, those with luck (what is its technical reason?) and those without luck. I'm in second group. Unfortunately I don't understand reasons of problems (see my bugs) and cannot help. (Maybe that is time-issue problems...) For me the very nevest drivers are under the weather. ;-) (kernel 2.4.22)

    • Craig Fields

      Craig Fields - 2004-09-29

      I would absolutely agree that pf32 is the best version  produced so far when combined with kernel

      I've had it "up" nearly 24/7 using one card or the other since it came out and it's been *extremely* reliable with both smc2435w(acx100) and dwl-g650+(acx111).  I'm now testing pf33, and it's looking to be at least as solid as pf32.   Perhaps this is somehow related to 2.4 vs 2.6 kernels?

    • daharon

      daharon - 2004-09-30

      I am also wondering if this has something to do with different kernel versions.  I haven't had any luck with any of the acx versions.  Some have been better than others, but it just won't make that last crucial step of actually connecting to my router.

      I am running kernel 2.6.5
      And for some reason, my computer doesn't read my dnsdomainname file (don't know if this has anything to do with it).  I really want to start learning/using linux, but until I can get this card to work its useless to me.  Very frustrating.

      But I'm sure in time a version that works for me will come about.


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