compiling/installing acx-80211

  • Torben Friis

    Torben Friis - 2013-03-26

    I am new to this, hence maybe some confusion.
    I have tried downloading/installing acx-20080210, but there was a problem with "typedef void irqreturn_t" in "wlan_compat.h" - spent a couple of days on it.
    I have git acx-80211 (into /usr/src/acx-mac80211) and compiled it - not with make, but with -C /lib/modules.... The make did'nt work - problems with pci.c.
    I have done make install/depmod and modprobe mac80211 because modprobe acx-mac80211 gave module unknown.
    I have tiacx111c17/r17 and tiacx111c16/r16 in /lib/firmware.
    In the hardware overview it says module unknown for driver for the card.
    I am lost - can you help?
    Best regards
    torben friis

    • Torben Friis

      Torben Friis - 2013-03-29

      (Solved) Everything OK with latest Git.


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