How to permanently change Regulatory Domain ?

  • BubaKastorski

    BubaKastorski - 2004-09-29

    How to permanently change Regulatory Domain in EEPROM? Very happy with the card and drivers,
    but this thing is boring me. The driver must support
    EEPROM writing i think.


    • Andreas Mohr

      Andreas Mohr - 2004-09-29

      Well, the driver "sort of" already supports EEPROM writing.
      However, nobody has ever tested it, for fears of blowing up a whole card (ok, I could do it, but I never cared too much).
      See src/acx100_helper.c/acx_write_eeprom_offset().
      Note that this could easily destroy your EEPROM content, since it could be that one has to blank some EEPROM pages before modifying already written (i.e. != 0xFF) bytes. And I don't know how to blank the EEPROM (at least right now). So if you try it, THEN DO SEVERAL TESTS IN A LARGE AREA FILLED WITH 0xFF ONLY, IN ORDER TO NOT DESTROY IMPORTANT DATA!! Even that might fail in case the EEPROM contains a checksumming mechanism...

      Note that writing the EEPROM would be interesting for other reasons, too: the EEPROM contains a (frequently insufficiently implemented) power level table, which would enable us to set Tx power via firmware only and thus make sure that we don't potentially confuse the firmware by doing direct I/O Tx power level setting...
      (which might very well be the reason for many of those dreaded Tx error 0x20...)


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