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ActiveWinamp / News: Recent posts

Website Moved

Due to sourceforge no longer allowing the web service write access, wikis such as the one used for ActiveWinamp are a pain to implement. Hence the web site has now move to:

Posted by shane 2005-09-10

Website launched

A simple wiki has been created for ActiveWinamp at using DokuWiki. It is farily basic, but has an ideal balance of features and ease of use. It also sports nice syntax highlighting, and may be anonymously edited without registering. So feel free to submit scripts or other bits of code or information relating to ActiveWinamp to the site.

Posted by shane 2005-03-16

ActiveWinamp Sources

The sources for ActiveWinamp have finally been released.

ActiveWinamp is a plugin for Winamp which allows automation of the player through COM. It also boasts internal script hosting support, to extend the functionality of the player through scripts.

The compiled package has been available from the Winamp plugin download site for some time:

The CVS snapshot available for download includes a couple bug fixes (see Bugs) although you are encouraged to use the CVS to obtain the source code instead. (see release notes for CVS-Snapshot).

Posted by shane 2005-02-24