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Grid Widget 0.3.2 - PHP examples

New: PHP examples.
Fixed: ID bug in setContent function.
Changed: Active.Formats.String dataToValue converts strings to upper case. This makes sorting case-insensitive.
Changed: null value in the attribute removes it from HTML string.
Changed: special handling for the following attributes:
checked, readonly, disabled, hidefocus - false value is treated as null, i.e. attribute is removed.
New: action calls allow up to 3 additional arguments. ... read more

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2004-05-11

Grid Widget 0.3.1 - minor bugfixes

The 0.3.1 release - minor bugfixes (Mozilla only)

Fixed: grid doesn't show first time (Mozilla).
Fixed: horizontal scrollbar is not visible (Mozilla).
Fixed: mouseover effects in xp skin (Mozilla).

There is no API changes in this release.

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2004-04-20

Grid Widget 0.3.0

The 0.3.0 first beta - last major modification before 1.0 release.

[BREAKING] Changed location of /runtime/ files to be the same as /source/.
[BREAKING] No emulation for ActiveXObject in Mozilla.
[BREAKING] Do not force HttpRequest.responseText parsing into XML. The parsing now happen in the setXML method of the Active.XML.Table. Added getXML/setXML methods to the Active.XML.Table. setXML accepts DOMDocument or String.
[BREAKING] Removed getData - added getNode method to the Active.XML.Table.
[BREAKING] Removed text-to-value transformation out of the sort method. Moved to default getValue methods.
[BREAKING] Removed 'message' template. Added 'status' and 'error' templates instead.
A function can be used in place of the template. The function should return template object or HTML text.
Removed template switching logic (former message template) out of the list template. Added 'main' template, which is just switching function.
Added two new styles (xp and flat).
Stopped event propagation for keyboard/mouse wheel scrolling.
Changed Model/Property calling syntax in source, examples and documentation.
Changed name from ActiveUI to ActiveWidgets Grid.

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2004-04-13

Grid widget 0.2.7 - Minor bug fixes

The 0.2.7 release - code restructuring and minor bug fixes.

Moved "defineModel" and "defineProperty" methods to Active.System.Control.
Corrected "selection/index" returning previous value.
Added "direction" argument to the grid sort method.
Fixed unnecessary ? in the xml http request.

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2004-02-19

Grid widget 0.2.6 - simple paged data patch

The 0.2.6 release - simple paging patch

The test patch, which implements simple paged data display.
Minor bug fixes in Active.System.Template class.

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2004-02-16

Grid widget 0.2.5 - enhanced documentation

The 0.2.5 release - enhanced documentation, minor changes

fixed the bug where IE opened new window instead of iframe navigation.
grid 'cell' template alias removed (use 'column' instead).
formatting objects: setTextError, setValueError renamed to setErrorText, setErrorValue.

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2004-02-12

Grid widget 0.2.4 - keyboard & mouse wheel support

The 0.2.4 release - keyboard navigation, mouse wheel support, bug fixes

keyboard navigation: up/down, page up/down, home/end.
added support for mouse wheel scrolling.
Ctrl-click on already selected row clears selection.
Shift-click performs block selection.
auto-scroll to make current selection visible.
setUsername and setPassword methods for XML data models.
removal of for .. in .. loops.

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2004-01-15

Grid widget 0.2.3 - Minor bug fixes

The 0.2.3 release - minor bug fixes

row selection - changed from full repaint to className update.
fixed sorting bug related to arbitrary row IDs.

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-12-17

Grid widget 0.2.2 - Multiple grids on one page

This release fixes several bugs related to multiple grids on one page.

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-12-11

Grid widget 0.2.1 - Minor documentation update

The 0.2.1 release - minor documentation update, bug fixes

new pages in the grid tutorial section
automatic creation of unique HTML IDs moved to init method.
added row/order property (alternate backgrounds :-)

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-12-07

Grid widget 0.2.0 - XML support

The 0.2.0 release contains major enhancements:

XML data support
HTTP GET/POST query parameters
support of the namespaces in the XPath
client-side data formatting classes

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-12-01

Grid widget 0.1.7 - Multiple selections

The 0.1.7 release contains minor improvements and bug fixes:

multiple row selection
sorting is case-insensitive, ignores $ and % symbols in numbers
column width is limited to minimum 5px during the resize operation
new grid methods: getRowTemplate, getColumnTemplate
more pages in the tutorial section

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-11-21

Grid widget 0.1.6 - CSV data loading

Grid can load data from external text files (comma- or tabs-separated).

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-11-15

Grid widget 0.1.5 - images and tooltips

see examples directory

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-11-11

Grid widget 0.1.4 - sorting available

Grid widget now supports sorting. Click on the column header to sort.

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-10-28

Grid widget 0.1.3 - minor bug fixes

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-10-19

Grid widget 0.1.2 - example + sources

- full library source codes
- fixed minor resize bugs
- row selection model
- data visible in Opera/Konqueror

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-10-13

Grid widget is now cross-browser: IE, Netscape/Mozilla

Works on IE5.5+, Netscape 7.0+, Mozilla/Firebird etc. See live demo at

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-10-07

Grid widget preview released

The early preview version of the ActiveUI Grid widget released. Please see the live demo at

Posted by ActiveUI Admin 2003-10-05

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