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Unable to Subscribe to Multiple Topics

  • nondescript1

    nondescript1 - 2010-08-24

    ActiveMQBrowser is a great tool!  However, I'm having a problem with the latest release ( where I can't subscribe to multiple topics.  After I subscribe to a topic, ActiveMQBrowser remembers that topic.  When I want to subscribe to another topic, the first topic appears in the Subscribe to Topic dialog, and since the dialog is read only, I can't subscribe to another topic.  I'll take a look at the source and see if I can post a patch.  Thanks again for the tool.

  • nondescript1

    nondescript1 - 2010-08-24

    Found a simple enough workaround.  Refreshing the destination name list by using the option under the Destination menu or by pressing <Control> + R will clear the remembered topic name.  So, multiple topics may then be subscribed to by refreshing the destination name list each time you use the subscription target dialog.  It's still a bug, but at least there is a simple workaround ;)

  • Naoki Takemura

    Naoki Takemura - 2010-09-29

    I'm sorry to bother you for the bug.
    I found ActiveMQBrowser had a bug (if a subscribe panel object is not null, no topic name is populated into the panel). And now fixing it.
    Soon I'll upload next minor version with the patch.


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