Called number in CDR not correct

Ira Holden
  • Ira Holden

    Ira Holden - 2011-11-10

    When dialing from Outlook's Contact, the called number is not correct in the display of an aastra phone and also in the CDR.
    The Called number shows up in the CDR as "Ira #Id=8" <211>. In the display it shows "#id=8".
    If the call is a RNA, the proper called number is entered into the CDR. Once connected, the called number is "Ira #Id=8" <211>.

    How can I  have the CDR show the dialed number for a connected call? And what is the Orig Variable for in the setup panel? The help file does not explain this field.

  • Ira Holden

    Ira Holden - 2011-11-11

    It's not the CallerID that matters as stated above. What matters is the Destination which simply shows the extension of the phone making the call instead of the dialed number.
    I have tested the Originate command threw a program I wrote and it does show the correct dialed number.

  • Ira Holden

    Ira Holden - 2011-11-11

    This what I have discovered:
    If the Channel is set to: Channel: Local/124@from-internal/n, the destination will be set to the extension. (124)
    If the Channel is set to: Channel: SIP/124 and Context: from-internal , the destination will be the dialed number.
    If SIP is used the context must be assigned. Using SIP/124@from-internal will fail.
    If Local is used and the context is set to "from-internal", the call will succeed, but the destination will show the extension number.

    Please advise how I can have the Command reconfigured or if the TAPI can be recompiled to allow Channel: SIP/<ext> and Context: from-internal.

    Thanks, Ira

  • Ira Holden

    Ira Holden - 2011-11-11

    Another piece of info: When entering "SIP/124" in the "Line ID", the TAPI will change the line id to "Local/124@from-internal".

    --- Ira


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