Asterisk Etch+
Windows XP/SP3 w/ X-Lite 3.0
Windows CATI proprietary software.

We're using commercial/proprietary dialing software for Computer Aided Telephone Interviewing.  In rapid-dial mode, the software can connect and dial a number through * Manager, X-Lite auto-answers and connects the call successfully.  The CATI software then pops up a d-log telling the interviewer to pickup the handset, and the call hangs up.  I've checked the dialplan and can't find a reason for this since auto-dial and manual-dial calling through the CATI software works with SIPTapi and has for years (but not with rapid- or predictive-dial - thus the reason for trying TSP) but I do see calls are not going out through the context specified in the TSP setup.

Could someone point me in the right direction to make sure TSP goes through the correct context and doesn't hang up when the call is bridged, please?