Restarting Activa

  • KenLee

    KenLee - 2011-03-29

    How do you restart Activa to make configuration changes take effect without rebooting the computer?

  • KenLee

    KenLee - 2011-03-30

    Also how do you restart Activa after you have made changes to the source and rebuilt.  I am using Visual Studio 2005 with SP1.  I can build the project, but once it is built i run the following commands, however I do not see any of my changes reflected in the code behavior.  so it seems like the uninstall and re-install i am performing is not working.  Any help would be appreciated.

    this is what i am doing following development changes:

    2) When I build the project, the executables are stored in:

    3) To install:


    4) To configure:

    C:\activa_src\tags\1.6.4\astprovider\bin\release\registerActivaTSP.exe /configure

    5) To uninstall:

    C:\activa_src\tags\1.6.4\astprovider\bin\release\registerActivaTSP.exe /remove
    And then you have to go into control panel -> phone and modems -> advanced and remove activa tapi from there.

  • KenLee

    KenLee - 2011-03-31

    Thanks rjiang!

    To load or use the compiled driver

    1) run following command to find PID of the process which load the TAPI service from command prompt.

    tasklist.exe -fi "services eq tapisrv" /svc

    2) start task manager -> Services (find the service with PID found in previous step) -> right click and Go to Process -> right click on the service, which is highlighted, choose End Process Tree.

    3) go back to command prompt, run

    tasklist.exe -fi "services eq tapisrv" /svc

    you should expect to see something like
    No tasks are running which match the specificed criteria.

    5) back up files ActivaTSP.pdb and ActivaTSP.tsp at C:\Windows

    6) copied ActivaTSP.pdb and ActivaTSP.tsp from the visual studio bin/release folder to C:\Windows.

    7) Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools -> Services -> find the service "Telephony" -> right click on "Telephony" and choose "Start".

    Now you are ready to test the driver you just compiled.

  • activatsp

    activatsp - 2011-04-04


    In the "Developer's How To" ActivaTSP's page (, you can find information about restarting and debuging ActivaTSP.

    Usually we separate the telephony service in a separate process, because telephone service usually runs in a svchost process in conjunction with other services such as RAS, sometimes Telephony service can not be stopped because the services that are runing in the same process and it force to restart the computer.
    Take a look at:

    If you are ussing the trunk version ActivaTSP was divided in two parts, activadll.dll (CSTA model interface) and activatsp.tsp (TSP interface), then you may copy both modules to c:\windows …
    The Activa Team.


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