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  • Anonymous - 2010-02-21

    Hi all,

    i trying to use latest activa tsp with asterisk 1.6 When i try to call, my extension calling, but after i answering asterisk not calling to destination.

    in activa log i found following lines:

    Action: originate
    channel: Local/105@DLPN_local/n
    exten: 100                    
    priority: 1                   
    callerid: 100                 
    context: DLPN_local           
    variable: originating=105     
    actionid: 8              
    timeout: 30000                

    i did open telnet session to AMI, send auth from activa log and those lines. Same problem. I did remove "/n" at end of channel command and call was sucsessfully originated.

    How can i fix it ? Is this my configuration problem ?


  • activatsp

    activatsp - 2010-02-22


    Probably it's a dialplan problem.

    I suggest you to access the Asterisk Console in debug mode (Asterisk-rvvv) and do an Originate with the /n, so you can see if the call follows the dialplan as you expect.

    If you find the solution post a little summary about the problem and the solution, else post the dialplan and the asterisk debug information and we will try to help you.


  • Anonymous - 2010-02-22


    Thanks for your reply.

    After many searches on the internet, it seems as asterisk bug occured in multiply branches.
    As i understand they asterisk team fixed this bug in svn version, but i didn't check it.
    I simple did remove of "/n" from the TSP sources and recompile the program.
    I think that may be good idea to add possibilty for disabling this option from config panel.


  • help4me

    help4me - 2010-02-24

    I have got the same problem with activa TSP 1.6.2 and asterisk but I don't think this is an asterisk problem.
    I monitored port 5038 and tried 2 differnet "dn0": "12" and "SIP/12":
    If I use dn0=SIP/12 this will be sent:
    Action: Originate
    Channel: SIP/12
    _but if I use dn0=12 this will be sent:
    _Action: Originate
    Channel: Local/12@from-internal/n

    but I only need
    _Action: Originate
    Channel: 12
    _to be sent…

  • help4me

    help4me - 2010-02-24

    rabbit: could you please send me your changed version?
    or: what do i need to change and recompile activa tsp?
    do i simply have to get Visual studio 2005?

  • help4me

    help4me - 2010-02-24

    sorry for all the spam ;-)
    rabbit: you are absolutly right, the problem is only the "/n" at the end…
    but i am not able to get rid of it…

  • luis carrizo

    luis carrizo - 2010-08-26

    Hi Everybody!!! I have the same problem….wouldo you please send me the changed version?

  • activatsp

    activatsp - 2011-01-19

    Hi !

    we now some asterisk 1.6.2 versions have a bug (https://issues.asterisk.org/view.php?id=16729) that impede activa to originate calls using AMI.

    At this point, anyone have tested activa 1.6.x with asterisk 1.8 ??

  • Anthony Callanan

    Hi there

    I am having the same problem. I cannot get Asterisk to originate a call when dialing using Outlook. The response seems to be a generic failure returned to Activa from Asterisk. The login is OK so my user is fine but the exchange between Activa TAPI and the server fails. However the error does not indicate what the generic failure is.

    I am using FreePBX 2.8.0. My Asterisk is The Activa version is $Revision: 518 $

    Does anyone have a suggestion as to how I can get this to work?

    The Asterisk console does not show anything except the login and logout of the TAPI user.  I have looked at tghe asterisk logs in /var/Iog/asterisk and cannot see anything in the asterisk logs referring to the exchange.

    Below is the log from the TAPI interface. I have included a complete exchage from login to close.

    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  TSPI_lineOpen() dwDeviceID=0x5 htLine=0x10377
    02/05/11 18:09:23  INFO   Connect(,5038,asttapi,anthony)
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  ASTProvider::SendCommand =>
    Action: Login
    UserName: asttapi
    Secret: anthony
    ActionID: 3

    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  ASTProvider::ReaderProc
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  Asterisk protocol header: Asterisk Call Manager/1.1
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE   <== asterisk protocol response__________________________
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  Connect() returns ok
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  ASTCstaProvider::OpenMonitor device = SIP/201 => 201
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    first monitor for this device: {201,2}
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  AddTapiLine xref=2 htapiLine=0x10377 pTapiLine=0x331e220
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  TSPI_lineGetNumAddressIDs hdLine=00000002
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  TSPI_lineMakeCall() hdLine=0x2, htCall=0x10355, phdCall=0x31335f8, calledDevice=T096260438
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    filtered calledDevice T096260438 => 096260438
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE   Reading NOANSWERTIMEOUT 0
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE   UserData not found
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE   creating TapiCall 0x331e308 with htCall 0x10355
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  ASTTapiProvider::AddTapiCall pNewTapiCall=0x331e308 callId=3, htapicall=0x10355, callerId=SIP/201, calledId=096260438 userData=
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    first TapiCall for this callid:  => 0x331e308
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE   Executing MakeCall
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  AddConnectionToCallModel {3, SIP/201} => INITIALIZED
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE   done, now CALL map has 1 items
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  ASTProvider::Originate call 3 channel:SIP/201 callerId:SIP/201 to calledExtension:096260438 in context:from-internal, callerIdName=Anthony Callanan       timeout=30
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  ASTProvider::SendCommand =>
    Action: Originate
    Channel: SIP/201
    Exten: 096260438
    Priority: 1
    Callerid: Anthony Callanan      #CallId=3 <SIP/201>
    Context: from-internal
    Variable: originating=SIP/201
    ActionID: 4
    Timeout: 30000
    Async: 1

    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE   <== asterisk protocol response__________________________
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    generic_failure
    02/05/11 18:09:23  WARN     MakeCall failed, returning LINEERR_OPERATIONUNAVAIL
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  ASTTapiProvider::RemoveTapiCall hdrivercall=0x331e308
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    call had callid=3
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE      …with 1 associated hdrvrcalls
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    delete htcall 0x10355 and hdrvCall 0x331e308
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    deleted the last htapicall and the set of callid 3
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  TSPI_lineClose() hdLine=0x2
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  RemoveTapiLine hdrvLine=0x2
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    was SIP/201
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  ASTCstaProvider::CloseMonitor xref = 2
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    erase xref map entry
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE      erase extension map entry
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE    return 1!
    02/05/11 18:09:23  INFO   Disconnect socked and clear callmaps because no line is open.
    02/05/11 18:09:23  INFO   Socket recv code = -1
    02/05/11 18:09:23  INFO   Error code 10053, The virtual circuit was terminated due to a time-out or other failure. The application should close the socket as it is no longer usable.
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  ASTProvider::ReaderProc EXITS
    02/05/11 18:09:23  INFO   Socket closed without errors.
    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE  WaitReaderThread => Thread terminated nicely

    02/05/11 18:09:23  TRACE   CallMapCleanup() cleaning maps

    Any help would be appreciated.



  • activatsp

    activatsp - 2011-02-10


    As we suggested can be the asterisk 1.6.2 bug  https://issues.asterisk.org/view.php?id=16729, you can try to upgrade the Asterisk version to solve the problem.

    You can test Asterisk AMI without activaTSP by connecting a telnet session to 5038 AMI port of your asterisk and send:

    Action: Login
    UserName: asttapi
    Secret: anthony
    ActionID: 3

    Action: Originate
    Channel: SIP/201
    Exten: 096260438
    Priority: 1 Callerid: Anthony Callanan #CallId=3 <SIP/201>
    Context: from-internal Variable: originating=SIP/201
    ActionID: 4
    Timeout: 30000
    Async: 1

    And wait for the asterisk AMI Originate Response to view the error reported by asterisk.

    Activa Team!


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